Secondary Hypertension: Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Secondary forms of hypertension are not uncommon in clinical prac­ tice, but they are often overlooked or forgotten by clinicians in many fields of medicine. Dr. George Mansoor' s volume on Secondary Hyper­ tension is an important contribution to the field of clinical hypertension and vascular diseases, since it brings up to date the numerous diagnostic and therapeutic advances in the evaluation for secondary types of hyper­ tension. In the past, textbooks usually stated that an etiology could be determined in less than 5% of patients presenting with newly diagnosed hypertension. We now know this is far too low a proportion (e.g., pri­ mary hyperaldosteronism alone may account for hypertension in 5% of patients presenting with chronic elevations in blood pressure). Secondary Hypertension has been thoughtfully organized into chap­ ters evaluating screening and diagnosis, as well as medical and/or sur­ gical intervention of the well-known etiologies of secondary hypertension in adults and children. Additional coverage is given to such exogenous or lesser appreciated causes of secondary hypertension as obstructive sleep apnea and drugs. These sections make this book novel because in the past little attention has been paid to the effects of noncar­ diac drugs that interfere with antihypertensive therapy or to exogenous substances that might induce refractory hypertension.


Part I. Introduction

Refractory Hypertension
George A. Mansoor

Iatrogenic and Drug-Induced Hypertension
Ehud Grossman and Franz H. Messerli

Part II. Renal Disease and Secondary Hypertension

Hypertension in Chronic Kidney Disease
Robert D. Toto

Diagnostic Evaluation for Patients With Renovascular Hypertension
Sumeska Thavarajah and William B. White

Interventional Treatments for Renal Artery Stenosis
George A. Mansoor

Medical Management of Renovascular Hypertension
Vincent J. Canzanello

Primary Reninism or Renin-Secreting Tumors
Timothy L. Reudelhuber

Part III. Adrenal Cortex and Hypertension

Primary Aldosteronism: Diagnosis
William F. Young, Jr.

Medical Management of Primary Aldosteronism
Emmanuel L. Bravo

Primary Aldosteronism: Surgical Approaches
Mihir M. Desai and Inderbir S. Gill

Nonprimary Aldosteronism: Mineralocorticoid Disorders
William T. Kendrick, Jean-Michel Achard, and David G. Warnock

Hypertension in Cushing's Syndrome
Judith A. Whitworth, George J. Mangos, and John J. Kelly

Part IV. Adrenal Medulla and Hypertension

Biochemical Diagnosis and Localization of Pheochromocytoma
Emmanuel L. Bravo

Pheochromocytoma Treatment
Carl D. Malchoff, Dougald MacGillivray, and Steven Shichman

New Insights into Pseudopheochromocytoma and Emotionally Provoked Hypertension
Otto Kuchel

Part V. Children and Secondary Hypertension

Secondary Hypertension in Children and Adolescents
Empar Lurbe and Josep Redon

Part VI. Sleep Apnea and Hypertension

Sleep Apnea and Hypertension
Thomas G. Pickering and Mona Yacoub



From the reviews:
"The book covers renovascular, endocrine, and pulmonary causes of secondary hypertension and its treatments. It is well written and easy to read with an exhaustive index. The book provides historical and contemporary information on each subject. A unique aspect of this book is the attention given to surgical therapy using excellent figures. This is an excellent book for several reasons. First, it is compact and readable, with up-to-date information from several medical specialties, obviating the need for multiple larger books to gather this information. Second, it offers a comprehensive literature review providing a historical perspective in each subject area. Finally, the infrastructure of the book (tables, figures, index) is clear and complete." -Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal
"...this book should be in the library of primary care physicians, internists, and specialists in nephrology, cardiology, and endocrinology." -The New England Journal of Medicine
"...a comprehensive reference...timely and well worth reading by doctors involved in hypertension excellent and informative volume and highly recommended for physicians involved in the management of hypertensive disorders..." - Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology
"...the book provides an outstanding review of hypertension." - The Annals of Pharmacology
"Over 17 chapters written by specialists in the field, reexamine the classical aetiologies of secondary hypertension in light of the current knowledge but also address the effects of non-cardiac drugs and obstructive sleep apnoea. ... We strongly recommend this excellent work which is of great value not only for students but also for all physicians interested in a better management and treatment of patients with refractory hypertension." (Victor Legrand, Acta Cardiologica, April, 2005)
"Secondary Hypertension: Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment is a timely volume on this important subject. ... This book updates various medical conditions that contribute to hypertension and summarizes the clinical features ... . will be of great value not only to physicians involved in hypertension research and in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education (which includes most pediatric nephrologists), but also to internists in practice. The price is right, and I recommend a copy of this book in each medical library." (Manju Chandra, Pediatric Nephrology, Vol. 21, February, 2006)
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