Screening World Cinema: A Screen Reader

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Mai 2006



Collating a selection of the best articles on world cinema from esteemed journal Screen, this book discusses key issues affecting world cinema, and allows readers to cross-reference debates and essays that have ranged across many issues of Screen.


Illustration List. Acknowledgments. Notes on Contributors. 1. Screening World Cinema Part 1: Views from Here and There 2. Marginal Cinemas and Mainstream Critical Theory: The Relationships between "Third World" Cinema and "First World" Criticism 3. Colonialism and "Law and Order" Criticism Part 2: Modernity and Modernization 4. A Screen of One's Own: Early Cinema in Quebec and the Public Sphere 1906-28 5. If Looks Could Kill: Image Wars in Maria Candelaria 6. Pictures of the Past in the Present: Modernity, Femininity and Stardom in the Postwar Films of Ozu Yasujiro Part 3: Melodrama as a National and Transnational Mode 7. The Melodramatic Mode and the Commercial Hindi Cinema: Notes on Film History, Narrative and Performance in the 1950s 8. Avenging Women in Indian Cinema 9. Narratives of Resistance: National Identity and Ambivalence in the Turkish Melodrama between 1965 and 1975 Part 4: Contemporary World Cinema and Critical Theory 10. The Open Image: Poetic Realism and the New Iranian Cinema 11. Signs of Angst and Hope: History and Melodrama in Chinese Fifth-Generation Cinema 12. Affecting Legacies: Historical Memory and Contemporary Structures of Feeling in Madagascar and Amores Perros Appendix
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