Scientific Engineering of Distributed Java Applications

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Februar 2005



FIDJI 2004 was an international forum for researchers and practitioners int- estedinthe advancesin,andapplicationsof,softwareengineeringfordistributed application development. Concerning the technologies, the workshop focused on "Java-related" technologies. It was an opportunity to present and observe the latest research, results, and ideas in these areas. Allpaperssubmittedtothisworkshopwerereviewedbyatleasttwomembers of the International Program Committee. Acceptance was based primarily on originality and contribution. We selected, for these post-workshop proceedings, 11 papers amongst 22 submitted, a tutorial and two keynotes. FIDJI2004aimedatpromotingascienti?capproachtosoftwareengineering. The scope of the workshop included the following topics: - design of distributed applications - development methodologies for software and system engineering - UML-based development methodologies - development of reliable and secure distributed systems - component-based development methodologies - dependability support during system life cycle - fault tolerance re?nement, evolution and decomposition - atomicity and exception handling in system development - software architectures, frameworks and design patterns for developing d- tributed systems - integration of formal techniques in the development process - formal analysis and grounding of modelling notation and techniques (e. g. , UML, metamodelling) - supporting the security and dependability requirements of distributed app- cations in the development process - distributed software inspection - refactoring methods - industrial and academic case studies - development and analysis tools The organization of such a workshop represents an important amount of work.


Component-Based Design of Embedded Software: An Analysis of Design Issues.- Component-Based Design of Embedded Software: An Analysis of Design Issues.- How Design Patterns Affect Application Performance - A Case of a Multi-tier J2EE Application.- An MDA-Based Approach for Inferring Concurrency in Distributed Systems.- Task-Based Access Control for Virtual Organizations.- Self-Deployment of Distributed Applications.- Modeling and Analysis of Exception Handling by Using UML Statecharts.- Coordinated Anonymous Peer-to-Peer Connections with MoCha.- A Survey of Software Development Approaches Addressing Dependability.- FreeSoDA: A Web Services-Based Tool to Support Documentation in Distributed Projects.- A JMM-Faithful Non-interference Calculus for Java.- A Java Package for Transparent Code Mobility.- Keynote Talks.- Dependability-Explicit Computing: Applications in e-Science and Virtual Organisations.- Towards a Precise UML-Based Development Method.- Tutorials.- Fault Tolerance - Concepts and Implementation Issues.


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