Science in Europe, 1500-1800: A Primary Sources Reader

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November 2001



The period from Copernicus to Newton witnessed a Scientific Revolution which eventually led to modern science and both built upon and sharply challenged the earlier natural philosophies of the classical world. Science in Europe, 1500-1800: A Primary Sources Readeroffers a fascinating picture of the world of the scientific revolution through the eyes of those involved. This selection of primary sources is geographically inclusive, including often-neglected areas such as Spain, Scandinavia and central-eastern Europe, and thematically wide-ranging, illustrating early modern Europe's interplay of social, cultural and intellectual traditions. A key resource for all students and teachers of the history of science, Malcolm Oster's masterly collection offers an introduction to the conceptual and institutional foundations of modern science. This volume can be used alongside or independently of its companion volume, Science in Europe: 1500-1800: A Secondary Sources Reader (also edited by Malcolm Oster).


Europe's Awakening
Copernicus and his Revolution
The Spread of Copernicanism in Northern Europe
Crisis in Italy
Iberian Science
Science from the Earth in Central Europe
French Science in the Seventeenth Century
Science in Seventeenth-Century England
Scientific Academies across Europe
The Reception of Newtonianism across Europe
Science in the Scottish Enlightenment
Science on the Fringe of Europe: Eighteenth-Century Sweden
Science in Orthodox Europe
Establishing Science in Eigtheenth-Century Europe
The Chemical Revolution


MALCOLM OSTER is a Staff Tutor and Lecturer in History of Science at the Open University.


'Essential documents.' - Jon Turney, New Scientist 'With a knowledgeable instructor, these readers could support an undergraduate course.' - J. McClellan III, Choice '...offer both student and teacher an accessible path into the world of early modern science and the recent attempts to capture its diversity, and significance.' - John Gasgoigne, The Journal of Religious History '...those who wish to teach themselves, or others, about the Scientific Revolution would be well advised to use these books as their starting point.' - Dr John Henry, British Journal for the History of Science
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