Schopenhauer, Philosophy and the Arts

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November 2003



This collection of essays examines Schopenhauer's thought and its enduring contribution to aesthetic theory.


List of contributors; Editor's acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; 1. Schopenhauer's metaphysics of appearance and Will in the philosophy of art Dale Jacquette; Part I. The Work of Art: Schopenhauer on the Nature of Artistic Creation: 2. Knowledge and tranquility: Schopenhauer on the value of art Christopher Janaway; 3. Schopenhauer and the aesthetics of creativity Lucian Krukowski; 4. Art as liberation: a central theme of Schopenhauer's philosophy John E. Atwell; Part II. The Experience of Beauty:Schopenhauer's Theory of Aesthetic Encounter: 5. Pleasure and knowledge in Schopenhauer's aesthetics Paul Guyer; 6. Schopenhauer and aesthetic recognition Cheryl Foster; 7. Schopenhauer on beauty and ontology Nathan Rotenstreich; 8. Schopenhauer, Heidegger, art and the will Julian Young; Part III. Schopenhauer's Enduring Influence on the Arts: Idealism and Romanticism: 9. Schopenhauer on music as the embodiment of Will Lawrence Ferrara; 10. Schopenhauer and the musicians: an inquiry into the sounds of silence and the limits of philosophizing about music Lydia Goehr; 11. Metaphysics and aesthetics: a case study of Schopenhauer and Thomas Hardy T. J. Diffey; 12. Schopenhauer according to the Symbolists: the philosophical roots of late nineteenth-century French aesthetic theory Shehira Doss-Davezac; 13. Schopenhauer's philosophy of architecture Mitchell Schwarzer; Bibliography of selected sources on Schopenhauer's aesthetics; Index.


'From Dale Jacquette's lucid and expansive introductory essay through a distinguished list of contributions, we are shown the intricacies of Schopenhauer's ideas on aesthetics and the arts as well as their problems, their extraordinary influence, and their ongoing significance.' The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism
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