Sacrifice and Redemption: Durham Essays in Theology

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April 2003



This collection of essays seeks to answer the following question: When Christians speak of the death of Christ as a sacrifice what have they meant and does it make sense today?


List of contributors; Prefatory note; Introduction S. W. Sykes; Part I: 1. Sacrifice and holiness D. R. Jones; 2. Sacrifice and world order: some observations on ben Sira's attitude to the temple service R. Hayward; 3. Paul's understanding of the death of Jesus as sacrifice J. D. G. Dunn; 4. Hebrews: the final sacrifice A. N. Chester; 5. St Athanasius on Christ's sacrifice George Dion Dragas; 6. The doctrine of sacrifice: Augustine and the Latin patristic tradition Gerald Bonner; 7. Sacrifice in the early East Syrian eucharistic tradition A. Gelston; Part II: 8. On eucharistic sacrifice in the middle ages P. J. Fitzpatrick; 9. The sacrifice of the mass at the Council of Trent J. F. McHugh; 10. Sacrifice in Puritan typology S. Hardman Moore; Part III: 11. The conscious and the unconscious sacrifice: Kierkegaard on art, suffering and religion George Pattison; 12. Pearse's sacrifice: Christ and Cuchulain crucified and risen in the Easter Rising, 1916 S. W. Gilley; 13. The concept of sacrifice in Anglican social ethics Alan M. Suggate; 14. Eucharistic sacrifice: the problem of how to use a liturgical metaphor, with special reference to Simone Weil A. L. Loades; Part IV: 15. The semantics of sacrifice Edward Hulmes; 16. Outline of a theology of sacrifice S. W. Sykes; 17. Christ died for us: reflections on the sacrificial language of salvation I. U. Dalferth; Index of biblical and ancient references; Index of persons.
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