Sacred Sites, Sacred Places

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"Sacred Sites, Sacred Places" explores the concept of "sacred" and what it means to people in different cultures. The book looks at why people regard some parts of the land as special and why this ascription remains constant in some cultures and changes in others. It aims to help archaeologists, legislators and those involved in heritage management avoid destructive practices in their conservation and excavation. The book examines the extreme importance of sacred places in all cultures and the necessity of accommodating those intimate beliefs which remain a vital part of ongoing cultural identity. It is unique in attempting to describe the belief systems surrounding the existence of sacred sites, while at the same time bringing such beliefs and practices into relationship with the practical problems of everyday heritage management. The book has a wide geographical coverage and includes contributions from indigenous peoples, archaeologists and heritage professionals.


1. Sacred beliefs and beliefs of sacredness Jane Hubert and Brian Reeves 2. Wintu sacred geography of northern California Dorothea J.Theodoratus & Frank LaPena 3. Sacred and secular neolithic landscapes in Ireland Gabriel Cooney 4. Sacred Space in the Culture of the Artic Regions O. V. Ovsyannikov & N. M. Terebikhin 5. Sacred Sites in Madagascar Chantal Radimilahy 6. Places of Power: Mescalero Apache sacred sites and sensitive areas David L Carmichael 7. Sacred Sites in the Bamenda Grassfields of Cameroon: a study of sacred sites in the Nso' Fondom Mary Maimo Mumah 8. Bukusu sacred sites Simiyu Wandibba 9. Sacrificial places and their meaning in Saami society Inga-Maria Mulk 10. The Mijikenda Kaya as a sacred site Henry W. Mutoro 11. The perception and treatment of prehistoric and contemporary sacred places and sites in Poland Katarzyna Marciniak 12. Islam on the Kenyan Coast, faithful vs. unfaithful: an overview of Kenyan Coastal sacred sites George H.Abungu 13. A ceremony in a 'cave of idolatry': a document from the 18th century from the Archivo Historico Diocesano, Chiapas, Mexico Ines Sanmiguel 14. At the month of the obsidian cave: deity and place in Aztec religion Nick Saunders 15. Sto: Lo sacred ground Gordon Mohs 16. The spirits of the Chugach people of Alaska are at rest once again John F. C. Johnson 17. Maori sacred sites Mike Burns, Hirini Matunga & Alex Nathan 18. Principles and practice of site protection laws in Australia David Ritchie 19. When sacred land is sacred to three tribes: San Juan Paiute sacred sites and the Hopi-Navajo-Paiute Suit to Partition the 1934 Act Arizona Navajo Reservation Robert J. Franklin & Pamela A. Bunte 20. Tourism and the Bighorn Medicine Wheel: how multiple use does not work for sacred land sites Nicole Price 21. Ninastakis - the Nitsirapii's sacred mountain: traditional native religious activities and land use/tourism conflicts Brian Reeves


"This book is especially timely and will be very influential in the acknowledgement of the importance of the landscape in the heritage of non-monumental cultures."
-Henry Cleere, World Heritage Coordinator, Paris
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