Russian Strategic Thought Toward Asia

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November 2006



The book explains the Putin era's ambivalent approach to Asia and finds lessons from earlier approaches worthy of further attention. The overview compares how strategic thinking evolved, while reflecting on factors that shaped it.


Overview; G.Rozman, K.Togo & J.P. Ferguson PART 1: CHRONOLOGY Soviet Policy toward the Asia-Pacific Region: The 1980s; E.Bazhanov Russiaâ¿¿s Strategic Thought toward Asia: The Early Yeltsin Years (1991-95);A.Bogaturov Russian Strategic Thinking toward Asia, 1996-99; K.Togo Russia's Asia Policy under Vladimir Putin, 2000-05; D.Trenin PART 2: GEOGRAPHY The Russian Approach to China under Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin; A.Lukin The Policy of Russia toward Japan, 1992-2005; A. Panov Russian Strategic Thinking toward North and South Korea; V.Mikheev Russian Strategic Thinking toward Central, South, and Southeast Asia; J.P. Ferguson Russian Strategic Thinking on Asian Regionalism; G.Rozman


Gilbert Rozman is a Musgrave Professor of Sociology at Princeton University, USA


"Russian Strategic Thought toward Asia is 'must reading' for those interested in Russian foreign policy and the international relations of Asia. This volume provides comprehensive and insightful perspectives on a region of growing importance for Russia. The editors have collected strong and well-translated essays from Russia's leading thinkers on Asia and international relations." - Andrew Kuchins, Director and Senior Associate, Russian and Eurasian Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington D.C.
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