Russian Politics from Lenin to Putin

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Seven leading specialists present chapters devoted to key themes in Soviet and post-Soviet Russian politics. Those themes include: the personal versus the institutional in the political process; legitimacy and legitimation; and change and collapse of a mono-organisational society. While the book focuses on these major themes, individual chapters deal with wide-ranging and even unusual cases: Graeme Gill analyzes the legitimating functions of Moscow's architecture, Sheila Fitzpatrick uses the archives to draw a picture of Stalin 'the boss' dealing with his closest colleagues, Eugene Huskey provides a detailed description of post-Soviet Russian pantouflage, and Archie Brown and Peter Reddaway present their different takes on Gorbachev and the Soviet collapse. Stephen Fortescue provides an overview of policy-making processes from Lenin and Putin, and Leslie Holmes updates the concept of goal-rational legitimacy.


T.H. Rigby on Soviet and post-Soviet Russian Politics;
S.Fortescue Institutionalization and Personalism in the Policy-making Process of the Soviet Union and Post-Soviet Russia;
S.Fortescue The Boss and his Team: Stalin and the Inner Circle, 1925-33;
S.Fitzpatrick Building the Communist Future: Legitimation and the Soviet City;
G.Gill Legitimation and Legitimacy in Russia Revisited;
L.Holmes Perestroika as Revolution from Above;
A.Brown How Much Did Popular Disaffection Contribute to the Collapse of the USSR? P.Reddaway Pantouflage a la russe. The Recruitment of Russian Political and Business Elites;
E.Huskey Conclusion;


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