Rorschachiana. Yearbook of the International Rorschach Society / Rorschachiana

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Thought-provoking contributions from the world of the Rorschach - including a
special section on the close relationship between psychoanalysis and the Rorschach
that illustrates the impact of psychoanalytic thinking on projective psychology
and vice versa.
This latest volume of Rorschachiana illustrates the diversity of ideas and the many
possibilities that projective methods can offer. The general section includes a blend
of research papers and innovative research that illustrate the influence of social,
scientific, and cultural contexts on human behavior. A special section dedicated to
psychoanalysis and the Rorschach includes papers by practitioners and researchers
from a variety of countries who use different Rorschach systems as well as theoretical
and methodological approaches. The topics range from suicidal ideation to the
process of aging and the assessment of mentalization.
Rorschachiana is the official publication of the International Society for the Rorschach
and Projective Methods, now with more than 3,000 members throughout
the world, which for over half a century has played an important role in supporting
the use of the instrument, as well as helping to develop extensive empirical
research on its effectiveness in specific clinical situations.
Rorschachiana is also available as a journal (ISSN 1192-5604). The journal subscription
includes 2 online issues per year, access to available back issues, and the book
as an annual print compendium.


Table of contents:

The Importance of Context by Sadegh Nashat
Original Articles
Here's Looking at You: Eye Movement Exploration of Rorschach Images by Barry Dauphin and Harold H. Greene
Human Face Responses in the Rorschach Test: A Reconsideration by Yifat Weinberger and Anne Andronikof
Resilience, Mentalization, and the Development Tutor: A Psychoanalytic and Projective Approach by Claude de Tychey, Joëlle Lighezzolo-Alnot, Philippe Claudon, Salomé Garnier, and Nadine Demogeot
Selflessness in Anorexia Nervosa as Reflected in the Rorschach Comprehensive System by Gili Curiel-Levy, Laura Canetti, Esti Galili-Weisstub, Myrna Milun, Eitan Gur, and Eytan Bachar
Special Section: Psychoanalysis and the Rorschach
Psychoanalysis and the Rorschach by Justine McCarthy Woods and Sadegh Nashat
Original Articles
Bridging the Gap: Quantitative Rorschach Approaches to Psychodynamic Constructs by Philip Erdberg
An Epistemological and Methodological Approach to Drives and Diffusion of Instincts Through the
Clinical Assessment of Suicidal Adolescents: The Contribution of the Rorschach Test by Dimitra Laimou
Countertransference in the Rorschach Situation as a Clue to the Patient's Affective Functioning: An
Exploratory Study by Emilie Deschenaux, Serge Lecours, Julie Doyon, and Rachel Briand-Malenfant
Changing While Remaining the Same: Self-Representation Confronted With Aging by Benoît Verdon
Using Rorschach CS Narrative Responses of the MOA Scale to Construct and Share Patient's Model Scenes
by Silvia Salcuni, Cristina Marogna, Daniela Di Riso, and Floriana Caccamo
Mentalization and the Rorschach by Adam C. Conklin, Johanna C. Malone, and Jeb T. Fowler
Learning From the Inkblot by Latife Yazigi and Sadegh Nashat
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