Romanticism in National Context

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Dezember 1988



The main literary and artistic currents of Romanticism are well known. This volume aims uniquely to set them in their wider contexts. Thirteen distinguished contributors examine the particular configurations of the Romantic movement within individual national contexts. Parallels, influences and differences are explored between the course of Romanticism in England, France, Germany and ten other European nations, and special emphasis is placed upon the interplay between Romantic culture and social, political and economic change. Narrow definitions of Romanticism are avoided: the contributors emphasize the Romantic strands within science, philosophy and political thinking as well as within art and literature. The book also forms part of a sequence of collections of essays which started with The Enlightenment in National Context (1981). In preparation are Fin-de-Si cle and its Legacy and the Renaissance in National Context. The purpose of these and other envisaged collections is to bring together comparative, national and inter-disciplinary approaches to the history of great movements in the development of human thought and action.


Contents; Notes on contributors; Introduction; 1. Romanticism in Wales Gwyn A. Williams; 2. Romanticism in England Marilyn Butler; 3. Haunted by history: Irish Romantic writing 1800-50 Tom Dunne; 4. Romanticism in Greece Roderick Beaton; 5. Romanticism in Germany Dietrich Von Engelhardt; 6. Romanticism in Switzerland Clarissa Campbell Orr; 7. Romanticism in Scandinavia Gunnar Eriksson; 8. Romanticism in The Netherlands Nicholas A. Rupke; 9. Romanticism in Hungary Mihaly Szegedy-Maszak; 10. Romanticism in France Stephen Bann; 11. Spanish Romanticism Susan Kirkpatrick; 12. Russian Romanticism John Mersereau Jr and David Lapeza; 13. The agony in the garden: Polish Romanticism Donald Pirie; Index.


"...a very informative volume presenting the great national variety in European Romanticism. It can serve well as an introductory overview for the nonspecialist and is a gold mine for the seasoned treasure hunter." Walter D. Wetzels in ISIS
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