Romantic Metropolis: The Urban Scene of British Culture, 1780-1840

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Some of the most exciting critics of Romanticism do long-overdue justice to the place of the city in this 2005 text.


Introduction: engaging the eidometropolis James Chandler and Kevin Gilmartin; Part I. Metropolis, Nation, and Empire: 1. Edinburgh, capital of the nineteenth century Ian Duncan; 2. Discriminations, or Romantic cosmopolitanisms in London Jon Klancher; Part II. Urban Radicalism and Reform: 3. London and the London Corresponding Society John Barrell; 4. Blake's metropolitan radicalism Saree Makdisi; 5. Envy rising Frances Ferguson; Part III. Metropolitan Spectacle: 6. Urbanity and the spectacle of art Ann Bermingham; 7. Mystagogues of revolution: Cagliostro, de Loutherbourg and Romantic London Iain McCalman; 8. 'The Temple lives': the Lyceum and Romantic show business Simon During; Part IV. The New Poetics of Urban Publicity: 9. Manufacturing the Romantic image: Hazlitt and Coleridge lecturing Peter Manning; 10. The artifactual sublime: making London poetry Anne Janowitz; 11. Venice Celeste Langan.


James Chandler is Richard J. and Barbara E. Franke Professor in the Department of English, University of Chicago. Kevin Gilmartin is Associate Professor of Literature at the California Institute of Technology.


Review of the hardback: 'This cityscape is both importantly represented in, and crucial locus for, Romantic period creativity, and this volume emphasises these facets in a way that has not before been undertaken.' BARS Bulletin and Review Review of the hardback: 'Romantic Metropolis as a whole compels us to re-examine the way our own conception of Romanticism has been invented by excluding everything but what Hazlitt and other 'major' Romantics upheld to forger the image of the 'serious' and solitary Romantic artist. This collection of enlightening essays constitutes a valuable and vitalising contribution to ever-expanding Romantic scholarship.' Studies in English Literature
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