RoboCup 2005: Robot Soccer World Cup IX

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Juni 2006



This book constitutes the ninth official archival publication devoted to RoboCup, documenting presentations at the RoboCup 2005 International Symposium, held in Osaka, Japan, July 2005 alongside the RoboCup Competition. The book presents 34 revised full papers and 38 revised short papers together with two award-winning papers. This is a valuable source of reference and inspiration for those interested in robotics or distributed intelligence, and mandatory reading for the rapidly growing RoboCup community.


Award Winning Papers Scientific Award.- Using the Max-Plus Algorithm for Multiagent Decision Making in Coordination Graphs.- Real-Time Diagnosis and Repair of Faults of Robot Control Software.- Full Papers Humanoid.- Exploiting the Unexpected: Negative Evidence Modeling and Proprioceptive Motion Modeling for Improved Markov Localization.- Playing Soccer with RoboSapien.- Reliable and Precise Gait Modeling for a Quadruped Robot.- Toni: A Soccer Playing Humanoid Robot.- Using a Symmetric Rotor as a Tool for Balancing.- Discovering Relevant Sensor Data by Q-Analysis.- Keepaway Soccer: From Machine Learning Testbed to Benchmark.- Learning to Approach a Moving Ball with a Simulated Two-Wheeled Robot.- Sequential Pattern Mining for Situation and Behavior Prediction in Simulated Robotic Soccer.- A Composite System for Real-Time Robust Whistle Recognition.- Calculating the Perfect Match: An Efficient and Accurate Approach for Robot Self-localization.- Comparing Sensor Fusion Techniques for Ball Position Estimation.- RoboCup X: A Proposal for a New League Where RoboCup Goes Real World.- SimRobot - A General Physical Robot Simulator and Its Application in RoboCup.- Agent Community Extraction for 2D-RoboSoccer.- An Online POMDP Algorithm Used by the PoliceForce Agents in the RoboCupRescue Simulation.- Cooperative Action Control Based on Evaluating Objective Achievements.- Dynamic Positioning Based on Voronoi Cells (DPVC).- Gaze Direction Determination of Opponents and Teammates in Robot Soccer.- Simultaneous Learning to Acquire Competitive Behaviors in Multi-agent System Based on Modular Learning System.- Rescue.- A HMI Supporting Adjustable Autonomy of Rescue Robots.- Communicative Exploration with Robot Packs.- Consistency Management Framework for Database Used in Integrated Simulations.- Design, Dynamic Analysis and Optimization of a Rover for Rescue Operations.- High Fidelity Tools for Rescue Robotics: Results and Perspectives.- Localizing Victims Through Sound and Probabilistic Grid Maps in an Urban Search and Rescue Scenario.- Successful Search and Rescue in Simulated Disaster Areas.- Vision.- 3D Mapping with Semantic Knowledge.- The Color and the Shape: Automatic On-Line Color Calibration for Autonomous Robots.- ChipVision2 - A Stereo Vision System for Robots Based on Reconfigurable Hardware.- Enhancing the Reactivity of the Vision Subsystem in Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Real-Time Techniques.- Illumination Independent Object Recognition.- On-Line Color Calibration in Non-stationary Environments.- Robust and Accurate Detection of Object Orientation and ID Without Color Segmentation.- Posters.- A Fuzzy Touch to R-MCL Localization Algorithm.- A New Practice Course for Freshmen Using RoboCup Based Small Robots.- A New Video Rate Region Color Segmentation and Classification for Sony Legged RoboCup Application.- A Novel and Practical Approach Towards Color Constancy for Mobile Robots Using Overlapping Color Space Signatures.- A Region-Based Approach to Stereo Matching for USAR.- An Application Interface for UCHILSIM and the Arrival of New Challenges.- Autonomous Parking Control Design for Car-Like Mobile Robot by Using Ultrasonic and Infrared Sensors.- Behavior-Based Vision on a 4 Legged Soccer Robot.- Coaching with Expert System Towards RoboCup Soccer Coach Simulation.- Conceptual Representation for a Soccer Commentary Generator.- Distributed Sensor Fusion for Object Tracking.- Emergent Cooperation in RoboCup: A Review.- Flexible Coordination of Multiagent Team Behavior Using HTN Planning.- General-Purpose Learning Machine Using K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm.- Improvement of Color Recognition Using Colored Objects.- Improving Percept Reliability in the Sony Four-Legged Robot League.- Inferring 3D Body Pose from Uncalibrated Video.- Integrating Collaboration and Activity-Oriented Planning for Coalition Operations Support.- Laser-Based Localization with Sparse Landmarks.- Lightweight Management - Taming the RoboCup Development Process.- Mobile Robot Communication Without the Drawbacks of Wireless Networking.- Mosaic-Based Global Vision System for Small Size Robot League.- Multi Power Multi Direction Kicking System.- Particle-Filter-Based Self-localization Using Landmarks and Directed Lines.- Performance Evaluation of an Evolutionary Method for RoboCup Soccer Strategies.- Practical Extensions to Vision-Based Monte Carlo Localization Methods for Robot Soccer Domain.- Robocup Rescue Simulation Competition: Status Report.- Self Task Decomposition for Modular Learning System Through Interpretation of Instruction by Coach.- Specifications and Design of Graphical Interface for Hierarchical Finite State Machines.- Task Allocation for the Police Force Agents in RoboCupRescue Simulation.- The Advantages of the Signaling Strategy in a Dynamic Environment: Cognitive Modeling Using RoboCup.- Towards Eliminating Manual Color Calibration at RoboCup.- Traction Control for a Rocker-Bogie Robot with Wheel-Ground Contact Angle Estimation.- Velocity Control of an Omnidirectional RoboCup Player with Recurrent Neural Networks.- Very High Speed, Close Field, Object Positioning Using Tri-linear CCDs.- Visual Based Localization for a Legged Robot.- VolksBot - A Flexible Component-Based Mobile Robot System.


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