Riverbank Filtration Hydrology

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Riverbank Filtration (RBF) has gained popularity in the past decade as an excellent source of high quality water for public water supply. This text compliments the existing literature on RBF water quality, and provides much-need guidance in the design and operation of RBF facilities. RBF has proven effective in many hydrogeological settings worldwide, and can be an excellent solution to water supply problems in both developed and developing countries.
Topics covered include surface stream hydrology, particle clogging, and biological/geochemical processes. Data and case histories are provided from dozens of installations, providing much-needed practical information regarding RBF design, operation, and performance.

This book provides the necessary tools to evaluate potential RBF sites, and is a must-have if you are considering RBF as a source of water supply.


Dedication. Contributing Authors. Acknowledgments. Preface.
1. Significance of Hydrologic Aspects on RBF Performance; J. Schubert.
2. Evaluating Streambed Forces Impacting the Capacity of Riverbed Filtration Systems; S.A. Hubbs.
3. Impact of Riverbed Clogging on Ground Water; I. Mucha et al.
4. New Approaches for Estimating Streambed Infiltration Rates; W. Macheleidt et al.
5. Bioclogging in Porous Media: Tracer Studies; P. Engesgaard et al.
6. Riverbank Filtration in the Netherlands: Well Fields, Clogging and Geochemical Reactions; P.J. Stuyfzand.
7. Clogging-Induced Flow and Chemical Transport Simulation in Riverbank Filtration Systems; C. Ray and H. Prommer.
8. Use of Aquifer Testing and Groundwater Modeling to Evaluate Aquifer/River Hydraulics at Louisville Water Company, Louisville, Kentucky, USA; D.C. Schafer.
9. Changes in Riverbed Conductivity and Specific Capacity at Louisville; S.A. Hubbs.
10. Experience with Riverbed Clogging Along the Rhine River; J. Schubert.
11. Heat as a Groundwater Tracer at the Russian River RBF Facility, Sonoma California; J. Constantz et al.
12. Monitoring clogging after start-up of a RBF-system at the River Enns, Austria; B. Wett.
13. Managing Resources in a European Semi-Arid Environment: Combined Use of Surface and Groundwater for Drinking Water Production in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area; J. Martin-Alonso.
14. Presentation of Data for Factors Significant to the Yield from Several Riverbank Filtration Systems in the U.S. and Europe; T.G. Caldwell.
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