Restructuring Schools

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Restructuring Schools presents conceptual and empirical models of school organization for promoting students' achievement. Papers by nationally recognized educational sociologists examine four dimensions of the educational process-school organization and governance, organization of students for instruction, classroom processes, and school-to-work transitions-and suggest methods to increase the effectiveness of each. The volume also explores the innovative concept of output-driven education which redirects attention to student achievement as an outcome variable.


Introduction (M.T. Hallinan). Achievementoriented School Design (J.S. Coleman). Reforming Education: A Critical Overlooked Component (A.C. Kerckhoff). Lessons from Catholic High Schools on Renewing Our Educational Institutions (A.S. Bryk). Ideology and Organizations: Private Education in PostCommunist Poland (B. Heyns). School Choice in New York City: Preliminary Observations (P. Cookson, Jr., C. Lucks). Lost in Translation: Applying Total Quality Management to Schools, Colleges, and Universities (A.M. Pallas, A. Neumann). Creating Linkages in the High SchooltoWork Transition: Vocational Teachers' Networks (J. Rosenbaum, S.A. Jones). Talking and Working Together: Conditions for Learning in Complex Instruction (E. Cohen et al.). Local Constraints on Opportunity to Learn Mathematics in High School (J. Manlove, D. Baker). Tracking Students for Instruction: Consequences and Implications for School Restructuring (A. Gamoran, M.T. Hallinan). Academic Challenge, Motivation, and Self Esteem: The Daily Experiences of Students in High School (B. Schneider, S. Knauth). Overview (M.T. Hallinan). Index.
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