Restructuring Post-Communist Russia

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Mai 2015



Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the question of 'whither Russia?' has been the source of ceaseless speculation both at home and abroad.


Introduction: What comes after socialism? Peter Rutland; Part I. The Comparative Dimension; 1. What went wrong? Anatoly M. Khazanov; 2. Communist legacies and new trajectories Alexander J. Motyl; 3. Learning from post-socialism Valerie Bunce; 4. Ukraine;s hollow decade Ilya Prizel; Part II. Russia in Free Fall? Key Challenges; 5. The Russian transition to the market Marshall I. Goldman; 6. Potholes on the road to a flourishing Russia Theodore H. Friedgut; 7. The search for a national identity in the Russia of Yeltsin and Putin Vera Tolz; Part III. The Russian Political System: Toward Stabilisation? 8. The dilemmas of federalism Oksana Oracheva; 9. The evolution of the multiparty system Andrey Ryabov; 10. The elections since 1989 Nikolai V. Petrov; 11. Leaders, structural conditions and Russia's foreign policy Rajan Menon; Index.


"All chapters are written by experts in their fields, including such intellectual giants as Theodore Friedgut and Marshall Goldman. Highly recommended." C. Marsh, Baylor University
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