Responsive Computer Systems: Steps Toward Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Systems

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August 1995



Responsive Computer Systems: Steps Towards Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Systems provides an extensive treatment of the most important issues in the design of modern Responsive Computer Systems. It lays the groundwork for a more comprehensive model that allows critical design issues to be treated in ways that more traditional disciplines of computer research have inhibited. It breaks important ground in the development of a fruitful, modern perspective on computer systems as they are currently developing and as they may be expected to develop over the next decade. Audience: An interesting and important road map to some of the most important emerging issues in computing, suitable as a secondary text for graduate level courses on responsive computer systems and as a reference for industrial practitioners.


Preface. List of figures. List of tables. 1. A tight lower bound for processor coordination; S. Chaudhuri, et al. 2. Self-stabilizing real-time decision systems; M. Schneider. 3. Management and scheduling of tests for locating failures dependent upon operation-time in responsive systems; Y.L.C. Change, L.C. Lander. 4. Adding robustness in dynamic preemptive scheduling; G.C. Buttazzo, J.A. Stankovic. 5. Static deadlock analysis for CSP-type communications; P.B. Ladkin, B.B. Simons. 6. Comparing how well asynchronous atomic broadcast protocols perform; F. Christian, et al. 7. Hard real-time reliable multicast in the DEDOS system; D. Alstein, P. van der Stok. 8. Speculative algorithms for concurrency control in responsive databases; A. Bestavros. 9. Autonomous transaction managers in responsive computing; N. Soparkar, et al. 10. Adaptable fault tolerance for real-time systems; A. Bondavalli, et al. 11. Fault-tolerant automatic control; M. Bodson, et al. 12. Design and performance evaluation of a fault-tolerant, hard-real-time, parallel processor; B. Clasen, et al. Index.
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