Responsible Living

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April 2015



Focusing on the challenges of the transition to responsible, sustainable lifestyles, this book examines developments over the last decade in relation to:
- the creation of awareness of consumer citizenship, civic involvement and environmental stewardship
- research, projects and publications on education for responsible living
- the creation and implementation of relevant teaching methods and materials
- policies on education for sustainable consumption and lifestyles
- global processes for education on sustainable development

The articles deal with topics related to policy support, institutional approaches, educators, young people, and local communities. They draw attention to successful initiatives and reflect upon what still needs to be done. The book also looks at the roles that central actors such as PERL (The Partnership for Education and research about Responsible Living) play in this process.


Introduction.- Advancing Norms and Policies.-  Transforming Learning Environments and Educational  Approaches.-  Empowering Youth and Local Communities.-  Special Interview.



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