Resin Transfer Moulding for Aerospace Structures

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Dezember 1998



Resin Transfer Moulding and other similar 'liquid moulding' manufacturing methods have been used to make non-structural composites for the last 35 years. However, in the last eight years these methods have become the subject of enormous interest by aerospace manufacturing companies. Resin Transfer Moulding for Aerospace Structures describes all aspects of Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) for aerospace structures. Written by an international team of experts, from both industry and academia, it is a comprehensive work providing complete and detailed information on the process of RTM from theoretical modelling to practical experience. With subjects including manufacturing, tooling, fabric design and flow modelling all covered, this book is an invaluable up-to-the-minute reference source which provides the reader with a good understanding of RTM and its possible uses, especially for high performance applications. Resin Transfer Moulding for Aerospace Structures is an ideal guide for those in the aerospace and related industries, who want to understand and utilize RTM, as well as those directly involved in the RTM industry.


List of contributors. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction to resin transfer moulding; B. Räckers. 2. Injection equipment; M. Petervary. 3. Materials; M. Puckett, M. Petervary. 4. Advanced reinforcements; M. Bannister, I. Herszberg. 5. Fabric drape modelling and preform design; A.C. Long, C.D. Rudd. 6. Overview of fibre preforming; V. Rohatgi, et al. 7. Preform permeability; R. Parnas. 8. Modelling and simulation of flow, heat transfer and cure; S.G. Advani, P. Simácek. 9. Tooling fundamentals for resin transfer moulding; M. Wadsworth. 10. Tooling inserts for resin transfer moulding; M. Thiede-Smet, M. Wadsworth. 11. Manufacturing and tooling cost factors; T. Kruckenberg. 12. Data acquisition: monitoring resin position, reaction advancement and processing properties; D.E. Kranbuehl, A. Loos. 13. Quality and process control; B. Räckers, et al. 14. Qualification of resin transfer moulding for aerospace applications; R.W. Stratton. Appendix A: Glossary. Appendix B: Conversion factors. Index.
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