Representations of Discrete Functions

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April 1996



Representations of Discrete Functions is an edited volume containing 13 chapter contributions from leading researchers with a focus on the latest research results. The first three chapters are introductions and contain many illustrations to clarify concepts presented in the text. It is recommended that these chapters are read first. The book then deals with the following topics: binary decision diagrams (BDDs), multi-terminal binary decision diagrams (MTBDDs), edge-valued binary decision diagrams (EVBDDs), functional decision diagrams (FDDs), Kronecker decision diagrams (KDDs), binary moment diagrams (BMDs), spectral transform decision diagrams (STDDs), ternary decision diagrams (TDDs), spectral transformation of logic functions, other transformations oflogic functions, EXOR-based two-level expressions, FPRM minimization with TDDs and MTBDDs, complexity theories on FDDs, multi-level logic synthesis, and complexity of three-level logic networks. Representations of Discrete Functions is designed for CAD researchers and engineers and will also be of interest to computer scientists who are interested in combinatorial problems. Exercises prepared by the editors help make this book useful as a graduate level textbook.


Preface. 1. Graph-Based Representations of Discrete Functions. 2. Representations of Logic Functions Using Exor Operators. 3. Spectral Transform Decision Diagrams; R.S. Stankovic, et al. 4. Multi-Terminal Binary Decision Diagrams and Hybrid Decision Diagrams; E.M. Clarke, et al. 5. Edge Valued Binary Decision Diagrams; S.B.K. Vrudhula, et al. 6. Arithmetic Transform of Boolean Functions; J. Jain. 7. OKFDDS - Algorithms, Applications and Extensions; R. Drechsler, B. Becker. 8. Exact Minimization of FPRMs Using Multi-Terminal Exor TDDs; T. Sasao, F. Izuhara. 9. Multiple Domain Logic Synthesis; J. Bullmann, U. Kebschull. 10. Satisfiability Problems for OFDDs; R. Werchner, et al. 11. Complexity Theoretical Aspects of OFDDs; B. Bollig, et al. 12. Ternary Decision Diagrams and Their Applications; T. Sasao. 13. Or-and-Or Three-Level Networks; T. Sasao. Exercise. Appendix A. Appendix B. Index.


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