Renaissance Drama 36/37: Italy in the Drama of Europe

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August 2007



Builds on the groundwork laid by Louise George Clubb, who showed that Italian drama was made in such a way as to facilitate its absorption and transformation into other traditions, even when it was not explicitly cited or referenced.


"Looking Back on Shakespeare and Italian Theater" by Louise George Clubb; "Perspective and Stage Design, Fiction and Reality in the Italian Renaissance Theatre of the XV Century" by Fabio Finotti; "Performing Anachronism: A New Aetiology of Italian Renaissance Tragedy" by Kristin Phillips-Court; "Etruria Triumphant in Rome: Fables of Medici Rule and Bibbiena's Calandra" by Ronald L. Martinez; " 'Ma che potra succedermi se io donna amo una Donna': Female-Female Desire in Italian Renaissance Comedy" by Laura Giannetti; "Performance as Profanation: Holy Tongue and Comic Stage in Tsahut bedihuta deqiddushin" by Yair Lipshitz; "Sincerity, Fraud, and Audience Reception in the Performance of Early Modern Poverty" by Robert Henke; " 'Che indizio, che prova...?' Ariosto's legal conjectures and the English Renaissance stage" by Lorna Hutson; " 'Bawdy Doubles': Pietro Aretino's Comedie (1588) and the Appearance of English Drama" by Bianca F.-C. Calabresi; "Imitating Othello: The Handkerchief, alla italiana" by Jane Tylus; "Misreading and Misogyny: Ariosto, Spenser, and Shakespeare" by Kasey Evans; "Wrestling with Orlando: Chivalric Pastoral in Shakespeare's Arden" by Albert Ascoli; "Coincidence of Opposites: Bruno, Calderon, and a Drama of Ideas" by Christopher D. Johnson; "Publish (f)or Paris?: G. B. Andreini in France" by Jon R. Snyder; "Italy Versus France, or, How Pierre Corneille Became an Anti-Machiavel" by Katherine Ibbett.


Albert Russell Ascoli is the Terrill Distinguished Professor in the department of Italian studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of Ariosto's Bitter Harmony: Crisis and Evasion in the Italian Renaissance (1987) and Dante and the Making of a Modern Author (2008). William N. West is an associate professor of English, classics, and comparative literary studies at Northwestern University. He is the author of Theatres and Encyclopedias in Early Modern Europe (2002). He is currently at work on a book called Understanding and Confusion in the Elizabethan Theaters and on a project that traces the history of the idea of the Renaissance as a period.
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