Religion, Science, and Worldview: Essays in Honor of Richard S. Westfall

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Juli 2002



Essays on Sir Isaac Newton; science and religion; and historiographical and social studies of science.


List of illustrations; Preface; Acknowledgments; Part I. Newtonian Studies: 1. Conceptual problems in Newton's early chemistry: a preliminary study B. J. T. Dobbs; 2. The significance of Newton's Principia for empiricism Ernan McMullin; 3. The defective diagram as an analytical device in Newton's Principia J. Bruce Brackenridge; 4. Force, electricity, and the powers of living matter in Newton's mature philosophy of nature R. W. Home; 5. Concepts of inertia: Newton to Kant Peter M. Harman; Part II. Science and Religion: 6. Celestial perfection from the Middle Ages to the late seventeenth century Edward Grant; 7. Baptizing Epicurean atomism: Pierre Gassendi on the immortality of the soul Margaret J. Osler; 8. The manifestation of occult qualities in the scientific revolution Ron Millen; 9. Piety and the defense of natural order: Swammerdam on generation Edward G. Ruestow; Part III. Historiography and the Social Context of Science: 10. What is the history of theories of perception the history of? Stephen M. Straker; 11. Tycho Brahe as the dean of a Renaissance research institute Victor E. Thoren; 12. Agricola and community: cognition and response to the concept of coal James A. Ruffner; 13. Theories for the birds: an inquiry into the significance of the theory of evolution for the history of systematics Paul Lawrence Farber; Bibliography of Richard S. Westfall's writings on the history of science; Index.
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