Religion in China Today

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September 2006



This book provides a comprehensive introduction to religion in contemporary China.


Notes on contributors; 1. Religion in China today: introduction Daniel L. Overmyer; 2. Belief in control: regulation of religion in China Pitman B. Potter; 3. Local communal religion in contemporary south-east China Kenneth Dean; 4. The cult of the silkworm mother as a core of local community religion in a north China village: field study in Zhiwuying, Baoding, Hebei Fan Lizhu; 5. A nameless but active religion: an anthropologist's view of local religion in Hong Kong and Macau Tik-Sang Liu; 6. Religion and the state in post-war Taiwan Paul R. Katz; 7. Daoism in China today, 1980-2002 Lai Chi-Tim; 8. Buddhist China at the century's turn Raoul Birnbaum; 9. Islam in China: accommodation or separatism? Dru C. Gladney; 10. Catholic revival during the reform era Richard Madsen; 11. Chinese Protestant Christianity today Daniel H. Bays; 12. Healing sects and anti-cult campaigns Nancy N. Chen; Glossary of Chinese terms; Index.


'For those coming to Chinese religion for the first time, it offers a magnificent overview of the place of religion in a complex totalitarian society.' Frontier
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