Religion and the Early Modern State: Views from China, Russia, and the West

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September 2004



Thirteen 2005 essays show worldwide perspectives of how early modern governments attempted to regulate religious life.


Preface Thomase Mayer; Introduction Stanford E. Lehmberg and James D. Tracy; Part I. Lived Religion and Official Religion: 1. The alternative moral universe of religious dissenter in Ming-Qing China Richard Shek; 2. Ecclesiastical elites and popular belief and practice in seventeenth-century Russia Robert O. Crummey; 3. The state, the churches, sociability, and folk belief in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic Willem Frijhoff; 4. Communal ritual, concealed beliefs: layers of response to the regulation of ritual in Reformation England Caroline J. Litzenberger; Part II. Forms of Religious Identity: 5. Spirits of the Penumbra: deities worshipped in more than one Chinese Pantheon Romeyn Taylor; 6. Orthodoxy and revolt: the role of religion in the seventeenth-century Ukrainian Uprising against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Frank E. Sysyn; 7. The Huguenot minority in early modern France Raymond A. Mentzer; 8. State religion and Puritan resistance in early seventeenth-century England Paul Seaver; Part III. The Social Articulation of Belief: 9. False miracles and unattested dead bodies: investigations into popular cults in Early Modern Russia Eve Levin; 10. Liturgical rites: the medium, the message, the messenger, and misunderstanding Susan C. Karant-Nunn; 11. Self correction and social change in the Spanish Counter-Reformation Sara T. Nalle; 12. The disenchantment of space: Salle church and the Reformation Eamon Duffy; An Epilogue at the Parish Level: 13. Popular religion and the reformation in England: a view from Cornwall Nicholas Orme.


James Tracy teaches in the History Department of the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of Emperor Charles V, Impresario of War (Cambridge 2002) and The Political Economy of Merchant Empires: State Power and Global Trade, 1350-1750 (Cambridge, 1991). He is the editor of City Walls: The Urban Enceinte in Global Perspective (Cambridge, 2000) and of the Journal of Early Modern History. Marguerite Ragnow is the Associate Director at the Center for Early Modern History at the University of Minnesota.


Review of the hardback: '... a very courageous book.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History
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