Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2004

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Juni 2004



The Ninth International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies, Ada- Europe 2004, took place in Palma, Spain, June 14-18, 2004. It was sponsored by Ada-Europe, the European federation of national Ada societies, and Ada- Spain, in cooperation with ACM SIGAda. It was organized by members of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). As in past years, the conference comprised a three-day technical program, during which the papers contained in these proceedings were presented, along with vendor presentations. The technical program was bracketed by two tutorial days, when the attendees had the opportunity to catch up on a variety of topics related to the ?eld, at both introductory and advanced levels. Furthermore, the conference was accompanied by an exhibition where vendors presented their products for supporting reliable-software development. Invited Speakers Theconferencepresentedfourdistinguishedspeakers,whodeliveredstate-of-t- art information on topics of great importance, both for now and for the future of software engineering: - S. Tucker Taft, SoftCheck Inc., USA Fixing software before it breaks: using static analysis to help solve the so- ware quality quagmire - Martin Gogolla, University of Bremen, Germany Bene?ts and problems of formal methods - Antoni Oliv e, Polytechnical University of Catalonia, Spain On the role of conceptual schemas in information systems' development - Stephen Vinoski, IONA Technologies in Waltham, USA Can middleware be reliable? Wewouldliketoexpressoursinceregratitudetothesedistinguishedspeakers, well known to the community, for sharing their insights with the conference participants. Submitted Papers Alargenumberofpapersweresubmitted,fromasmanyas15di?erentcountries.


Invited Papers.- Benefits and Problems of Formal Methods.- On the Role of Conceptual Schemas in Information Systems Development.- An Overview of Middleware.- Static Analysis.- Static Deadlock Detection in the Linux Kernel.- Extracting Ada 95 Objects from Legacy Ada Programs.- On the Tree Width of Ada Programs.- Distributed Systems.- The Chance for Ada to Support Distribution and Real-Time in Embedded Systems.- PolyORB: A Schizophrenic Middleware to Build Versatile Reliable Distributed Applications.- Event Language for Real-Time On-the-Fly Control According to the Initial Requirements.- Real-Time Systems.- Implementing Execution-Time Clocks for the Ada Ravenscar Profile.- Extending the Capabilities of Real-Time Applications by Combining MaRTE-OS and Linux.- Supporting Deadlines and EDF Scheduling in Ada.- Reflection and XML.- OpenAda: Compile-Time Reflection for Ada 95.- XML4Ada95 Accessing XML Using the DOM in Ada95.- Testing.- A Randomised Test Approach to Testing Safety Critical Ada Code.- Good Random Testing.- Teaching Real-Time Systems Around a Digital Model Railroad Platform Using Ada.- Critical Systems Modeling.- High Integrity Ada in a UML and C World.- Ada Meets Giotto.- High-Integrity Interfacing to Programmable Logic with Ada.- Scheduling.- Dynamic Ceiling Priorities: A Proposal for Ada0Y.- Mixing Scheduling Policies in Ada.- Implementing an Application-Defined Scheduling Framework for Ada Tasking.- Application Programming Interfaces.- A Theory of Persistent Containers and Its Application to Ada.- Shortcuts: A Critical Look.- Vector Processing in Ada.


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