Regions and Industries: A Perspective on the Industrial Revolution in Britain

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In this book a team of distinguished historians contend that industrialization in Britain (and elsewhere) occurred first and foremost within regions rather than in the nation as a whole.


List of figures; List of maps; List of tables; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. The regional perspective Pat Hudson; Part I. The Textile Heartlands of the Industrial Revolution: 2. Proto-industrialisation and the first industrial revolution: the case of Lancashire John K. Walton; 3. Capital and credit in the West Riding wool textile industry c.1750-1850 Pat Hudson; Part II. Other Paths, Other Patterns: 4. Continuity and change in an industrialising society: the case of the West Midlands industries Marie B. Rowlands; 5. Stages of industrialisation in Cumbria John D. Marshall; 6. The de-industrialisation process: a case study of the Weald, 1600-1850 Brian Short; 7. Work, culture and resistance to machinery in the West of England woollen industry Adrian J. Randall; Part III. The Diverse nature of the Outer Regions: 8. Two paths to economic development: Wales and the north-east of England Neil Evans; 9. Proto-industrialisation in Scotland Ian D. Whyte; 10. The environment and dynamic of pre-factory industry in Northern Ireland Leslie A. Clarkson; Index.
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