Reflections on European Integration: 50 Years of the Treaty of Rome

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Januar 2009



Exploring the development of the European Union, this book examines the ways in which it has been studied over fifty years from the vantage point of four disciplines, each side of the Atlantic, and both academic and practitioner perspectives. Drawing on contributions by some of the world's leading scholars in the field, it maps the past and present of both the EU and EU studies before setting out a provocative agenda for future work in the area.


Introduction; D.Phinnemore& A.Warleigh Lack PART 1: EUROPEAN INTEGRATION FROM THE EEC'S FOUNDING TO THE PRESENT Some Reflections on Fifty Years of Experience since the Signature of the Treaties of Rome; H.Wallace Bringing People and Ideas Back In: Historical Research on the European Union; W.Kaiser PART II: INSTITUTIONAL AND POLICY DEVELOPMENTS The Heroic Age of European Integration is Over: Institutional and Policy Developments, 1957-2007; M.A.Pollack& M.A.Ruhlman The Role of the European Council in Institutional and Policy Developments in the European Union; P.Skytte Christoffersen Fairy Tale of Luxembourg? Reflections on Law and Legal Scholarship in European Integration; J.Hunt& J.Shaw Institutional and Policy Analysis in the European Union: from the Treaty of Rome to the Present; S.Bulmer PART III: TOUGH AND CHALLENGING JOURNEYS The International Impact of European Integration: Key Events, Players and Trends; J.Howorth 50 Years of Economic and Monetary Union: A Hard and Thorny Journey; K.Dyson PART IV: EUROPEAN INTEGRATION AND THE MEMBER STATES One Union, One Story? In Praise of Europe's Narrative Diversity; K.NicolaIdis& J.Pélabay The EU and Its Member-States: From Bottom Up to Top Down; V.Schmidt Conclusion: Reflections on the Past and Future of European Union Studies; D.Phinnemore& A.Warleigh Lack Bibliography Index


David Phinnemore is Professor of European Politics at Queen's University Belfast and Visiting Professor at the College of Europe. He has published widely on the enlargement of the European Union and EU treaty reform. He is author of The Treaty of Lisbon: Origins and Negotiation (2013) Alex Warleigh-Lack is Professorial Research Fellow at the United Nations University (UNU-CRIS, Bruges), Belgium. He held Chairs at the University of Limerick, Brunel University London and the University of Surrey, where he was also Jean Monnet Chair. He was the Chair of UACES, the world's largest EU studies association, from 2006-9. Including this one, he has written and edited/co-edited thirteen books in the fields of EU studies and comparative regional integration.


" important contribution to the study of the EU." - Political Studies Review "This is a book for connoisseurs." Journal of Common Market Studies
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