Refiguring Chaucer in the Renaissance

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März 1998



This collection of essays surveys the diverse receptions and workings of Chaucer from the early 16th to the early 17th century. It emphasizes the many kinds of influence that Chaucer and his poems exerted on British letters and culture during these years and assesses how "Chaucer" -- poet, works, and representations by others -- became a cultural category that changed in Tudor and early Jacobean England, as the Reformation and increasing distance from Middle English made Chaucer representative of a lost medieval past.


Introduction - Receiving Chaucer in Renaissance England, Theresa M. Krier. Part 1 Forming Canons: "Wrastling for this World" - Wyatt and the Tudor Canonization of Chaucer, John Watkins; Authority and the Defence of Fiction - Renaissance Poetics and Chaucer's "House of Fame", Carol A.N. Martin; Thomas Speght's Renaissance Chaucer and the "Solaas" of "Sentence" in "Troilus and Criseyde", Clare Kinney. Part 2 Claims for Narrative Poetry - Chaucer and Spenser: Narrative Reflections - Re-Envisaging the Poet in "The Canterbury Tales" and "The Faerie Queene", Judith H. Anderson; "Sundrie Doubts" - Vulnerable Understanding and Dubious Origins in Spenser's Continuation of the Squire's Tale, Craig A. Berry; Idolatrous Idylls - Protestant Iconoclasm, Spenser's "Daphnaida" and Chaucer's "Book of the Duchess", Glenn Stenberg. Part 3 Gender and the Translations of Genre: Room of One's Own for Decisions - Chaucer and "The Faerie Queene", A. Kent Hieatt; The Aim was Song - From Narrative to Lyric in "The Parlement of Foules" and "Love's Labours Lost", Theresa M. Krier; Jacobean Chaucer - "The Two Noble Kinsmen" and Other Chaucerian Plays, Helen Cooper.
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