Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries and Media Centers

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April 2004



Essential for reference work and indispensable for collection development, this book helps you quickly identify the best, most affordable, and most appropriate new reference titles in any given field. The approximately 500 books reviewed in this 23rd annual edition have been selected from "American Reference Books Annual" (Libraries Unlimited, 2003) as the best works for smaller libraries. A must if your budget precludes "ARBA," this time-saving tool also makes an excellent supplement.


?[a] good guide to help assist in building a new collection or reviewing a current collection....To effectively use this publication, librarians should review it annually to make note of any new reference materials worth adding to thier collections. As noted in the introduction to RRB, "The editors continue to strive and make RRB the most valuable acquisition tool a small library can have. This reviewer concurs that they have been successful in doing so.?-Collection Management
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