Recent Advances in Constraints

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April 2003



This volume contains a selection of papers from the Joint ERCIM/CologNet Workshop on Constraint Solving and Constraint Logic Programming, held at the Cork Constraint Computation Centre from the 19th to the 21st of June 2002. The workshop co-located two events: the seventh meeting of the ERCIM Working Group on Constraints, co-ordinated by Krzysztof Apt, and the ?rst annual workshop of the CologNet Area for Constraint and Logic Programming, co-ordinated by Francesca Rossi. The aim of this workshop was to provide a forum where researchers in c- straint processing could meet in an informal setting and discuss their most recent work. The Cork Constraint Computation Centre was chosen as the venue for the workshop because it is a new research centre, supported by Science Foundation Ireland and led by Eugene Freuder, which is entirely devoted to studying c- straint processing. Thus, the workshop participants had an opportunity to see the centre, meet its members and investigate the potential for future collabo- tion. Amongst the topics addressed by the papers in this volume are: veri?cation and debugging of constraint logic programs; modelling and solving CSPs; exp- nation generation; inference and consistency processing; SAT and 0/1 encodings of CSPs; soft constraints and constraint relaxation; real-world applications; and distributed constraint solving.


Abstract Verification and Debugging of Constraint Logic Programs.- CGRASS: A System for Transforming Constraint Satisfaction Problems.- Interchangeability in Soft CSPs.- Towards Automated Reasoning on the Properties of Numerical Constraints.- Domain-Heuristics for Arc-Consistency Algorithms.- Computing Explanations and Implications in Preference-Based Configurators.- Constraint Processing Offers Improved Expressiveness and Inference for Interactive Expert Systems.- A Note on Redundant Rules in Rule-Based Constraint Programming.- A Study of Encodings of Constraint Satisfaction Problems with 0/1 Variables.- A Local Search Algorithm for Balanced Incomplete Block Designs.- The Effect of Nogood Recording in DPLL-CBJ SAT Algorithms.- POOC - A Platform for Object-Oriented Constraint Programming.- A Coordination-Based Framework for Distributed Constraint Solving.- Visopt ShopFloor: Going Beyond Traditional Scheduling.


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