Recent Advances in Adsorption Processes for Environmental Protection and Security

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The purpose of the Workshop was to bring together researchers and engineers working in adsorption-related fields, to share knowledge on the latest advances on adsorption processes for environmental security and protection, as well as to cross-link and disseminate to the scientific community the main results and achievements of recent NATO Science-for-Peace (SfP) projects on environmental security and protection. The topics covered by the Workshop include recent theoretical and experimental developments on environmental adsorption, adsorption processes, as well as synthesis and tailoring of novel adsorbents, including the assessment of materials and processes. The published material provides a comprehensive and up-to-date report on adsorption and colloids phenomena, carbon materials and adsorbents for various industrial applications, ecological safety and antiterrorism. Because rapidly-developing areas in nanotechnology for fine chemistry, air quality, and environmental protection, are based on the synthesis and modification of the adsorbents, special attention is given to synthesis and chemical tailoring of porous materials to achieve desired properties as adsorbents and separation media.


Organization. Preface. List of Participants. Extension of Dubinin's Theory to Adsorption From Aqueous Solutions; F. Stoeckli et al.- Applications of Immersion Calorimetry in Dubinin's Theory and in Electrochemistry; T. Centeno, F. Stoeckli.- Adsorption on Activated Carbon: One Underlying Mechanism?; P. Lodewyckx.- Adsorption of Organic Vapour Pollutants on Activated Carbon; A. Fletcher et al.- Adsorption Behaviour of Lignosulphonates on the Interfaces Water - Inorganic/Organic Solids, Used for Paper Production; G. Telysheva et al.- Adsorption Properties of Polymer Adsorbents; J. Hradil.- SAXS Characterization of Solid/Vapor Interfaces in Polymer Based Microporous Carbons With Different Surface Chemistry; K. László et al.- Co-Adsorption of Cesium Chloride Molecules and Thulium Atoms on 2DGF on Re; N. Nasrullayev.- Controlling Porosity to Improve Activated Carbon Applications; A. Linares-Solano et al.- Reinoso/Liquid-Phase Adsorption/Oxidation of Sulfur Containing Species by Activated Carbon; R. Rios et al.- Adsorption Properties of Functional Silicas Towards Some Toxic Metal Ions in Water Solutions; V. Tertykh et al.- Waste Conversion Into Activated Carbon for Heavy Metal Removal From Waste Water; S. Lyubchik et al.- Modeling Carbon Mask Adsorptive Filters; J. Loureiro, A. Ribeiro.- Adsorption Processes in Gas Mask Filter Canisters: Practical Aspects, New Materials and Modeling; M. Linders.- Adsorbed Natural Gas Technology; J. Mota.-
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