Reader in New Religious Movements

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There are over 600 New Religious Movements (NRMs) in Great Britain alone, and more than 2000 in the United States. A Reader in New Religious Movements aims to provide an introduction to the main teachings of a selection of these organizations, focusing on those which are well-established in the West.


George D. Chryssides is Honorary Research Fellow in Contemporary Religion at the University of Birmingham, UK. Margaret Wilkins is a freelance writer and researcher.


"This is an excellent anthology and sourcebook on a number of prominent new religious movements, containing original writings of several founders and members of some of the more controversial and well-known 'cults.' The editors have assisted the reader by furnishing substantial introductions to segments of the volume, setting the selections within a sociological informed context.... This book is a valuable reference for scholars and laypersons alike, as they try to comprehend the continuing development of new religious movements in contemporary societies." James T. Richardson, Journal of Church and State, Spring 2007--Sanford Lakoff
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