Reactive Oxygen Species in Biological Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach

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Januar 1999



Reactive oxygen species (ROS) which include free radicals, peroxides, singlet oxygen, ozone, and nitrogen monoxide and dioxide free radicals, is an area of intense research. This volume covers (1) the destruction of cellular function by ROS resulting in pathological states; (2) the protection by ROS of an organism against invading organisms that cause infections; and (3) the role of ROS in normal physiological processes. Designed for beginning graduate students, this book gives a concise overview of the field.


1. From the Breath of Life to Reactive Oxygen Species; D. Gilbert. 2. Chemistry of Reactive Oxygen Species; R.E. Huie, P. Neta . 3. The Steady-State Concentrations of Oxygen Radicals in Mitochondria; C. Giulivi, et al.4. The Role Transition Metal Ions in Free Radical-Mediated Damage; M. Chevion, et al. 5. Biochemistry of Redox Signaling in the Activation of Oxidative Stress Genes; B. González-Flecha, B. Demple. 6. Regulation of Mammalian Gene Expression by Reactive Oxygen Species; D. R. Crawford. 7. Inflammatory Regulation of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase; J.F. Valentine, H.S. Nick. 8. Antioxidant Protection and Oxygen Radical Signaling; J.M.C. Gutteridge, B. Halliwell. 9. Nitric Oxide Synthase; N.J. Gusman, B. Amoah-Apraku. 10. The Chemical Biology of Nitric Oxide; D.A. Wink, et al. 11. Nitroxides as Protectors against Oxidative Stress; J.B. Mitchell, et al. 12. Stratospheric Ozone and Its Effects on the Biosphere; S. Madronich. 13. Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide; D.B. Menzel, D.M. Meacher. 14. Dietary Antioxidants and Nutrition; C. Rice-Evans, S. Arif. 15. Xanthine Oxidase in Biology and Medicine; D.A. Parks, et al. 16. Melatonin: Antioxidative Protection by Electron Donation; B. Poeggeler. 17. Ubiquinol: An Endogenous Lipid-Soluble Antioxidant in Animal Tissues; P. Andreé, et al. 18. Sources and Effects of Reactive Oxygen Species in Plants; C.J. Baker, E.W Orlandi.19. The Production and Use of Reactive Oxidants by Phagocytes; B.M. Baboir. 20. Production and Effects of Reactive Oxygen Species in Spermatozoa; R.J. Aitken. 21. Respiratory Burst Oxidase of Fertilization: Peroxidative Mechanisms in Sea Urchin Eggs and Human Phagocytes; J.W Heinecke. 22. Brain Chemiluminescence as an Indicator of Oxidative Stress; A. Boveris , E. Cadenas. 23. Reactive Oxygen Species and Neuronal Function; C.A. Colton , D.L. Gilbert. 24. Oxidative Stress and Parkinson's Disease; G. Cohen. 25. Alzheimer's (-Amyloid Peptide and Free Radical Oxidative Stress; D. A. Butterfield. 26. Oxidative Pathology in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis; R.H. Brown, Jr. 27. Reactive Oxygen-Mediated Protein Oxidation in Aging and Disease; E.R. Stadtman, B.S. Berlett. 28. An Overview of Reactive Oxygen Species; D.L. Gilbert, C.A. Colton.
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