Radiology and the Law

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November 2003



Practically every radiologist would benefit from an all-encompassing guide to malpractice issues in radiology. Dr. Ronald Eisenberg, a highly respected author in the field, has put together a comprehensive reference to provide radiologists with an introduction to malpractice issues and a basic understanding of their relationships with government regulatory agencies and HMOs. This softcover book will detail the mechanics of a lawsuit, how radiologists can become the object of a malpractice action, and what they can do to minimize potential exposure.


I Malpractice Litigation.- 1 Malpractice.- Duty.- Breach of Duty.- Injury (Damages).- Causation.- Res Ipsa Loquitur.- Defenses and Limitations to a Malpractice Suit.- 2 Vicarious Liability.- Employees Versus Independent Contractors.- Liability for Acts of Technologists.- Liability for Acts of Residents.- Liability of Chairpersons Administering Departments.- Liability for Acts of Partners.- Hospital Liability for Acts of Physicians.- 3 Standards and Practice Guidelines.- American College of Radiology Standards.- Departmental Standards.- Legal Effect of Standards and Practice Guidelines.- State Legislation.- 4 Anatomy of a Malpractice Lawsuit.- Prefiling Procedures.- Formal Filing.- Discovery.- Deposition.- Settlement Attempts.- Pretrial Conference.- Summary Judgment.- Trial.- Appeal.- 5 Expert Witnesses.- Availability.- Role.- Limitations.- Qualifications.- Consequences of Disqualification to the Witness.- Proper Behavior of an Expert Witness.- "Reasonable Degree of Medical Certainty" Standard.- Practical Tips for the Radiology Expert Witness.- Ethical Considerations.- Adverse Consequences of Being an Expert Witness.- Protecting the Radiologist from Being Falsely Accused by an Expert Witness.- 6 Countersuits.- Possible Causes of Action.- What Should a Radiologist Do If Subjected to an Unjustified Suit?.- 7 Alternative Dispute Resolution.- Limitations of Formal Adjudication.- Mediation.- Arbitration.- Alternative Dispute Resolution in Medical Malpractice.- 8 Criminal Prosecution.- 9 Professional Liability Insurance.- Insurance Contracts.- Occurrence Versus Claims-Made Policies.- Tail and Nose Policies.- Mandatory Insurance Requirements.- Amount of Insurance Coverage.- The Deep Pocket.- Defense of Malpractice Claims.- Settlement of Lawsuits.- 10 Special Residency Issues.- Insurance.- Special Liability Status.- 11 Reactions of Physicians Sued for Malpractice.- Supporting a Sued Radiologist.- 12 Role of the Radiologist-Defendant at Trial.- 13 Risk Management.- Communication with Patients.- II The Missed Diagnosis: Overview.- 14 The Missed Diagnosis: Overview.- Frequency of Errors.- Causes of Errors.- Admitting Errors.- Reporting the "Missed" Diagnosis.- Defending the "Missed" Radiographic Diagnosis.- 15 Interpreting Too Many Studies Per Day.- III Communication and Records.- 16 Radiology Reports.- Comparison with Previous Examinations and Reports.- Significant Discrepancy Between the Final and Emergency/Preliminary Reports.- Signing the Radiology Report.- Correction/Alteration of the Radiology Report.- 17 Communication of the Radiologic Findings.- Failure to Issue a Report.- Delay in Issuing a Report.- Direct Communication.- 18 Release and Storage of Radiologic Images.- Ownership of Images.- Patient Access to Images.- Confidentiality.- Retention of Images.- Storage and Destruction of Images.- 19 Medical Records.- Importance of Proper Medical Records.- Correction/Alteration of the Medical Record.- Adverse Consequences of Improper Alteration of Medical Record.- Inappropriate Entries.- 20 Confidentiality.- HIV-Positive Patients.- IV Radiology Practice and Specific Procedures.- 21 Consent.- Types of Consent.- Informed Consent.- 22 Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders.- Compliance with DNR Orders.- Recommended Approach.- Consequences of Failure to Comply with a DNR Order.- 23 Barium Enema.- 24 Breast Imaging.- Risk of Women Developing Breast Cancer.- Mortality Rates.- Accuracy of Mammography.- Effect of Mammography on Lengthening Survival Time and Reducing Death Rates.- Effect of Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.- Screening Versus Diagnostic Mammograms.- Mammographic Errors.- Reporting the Mammographic Study.- False-Negative Core Biopsy of the Breast.- Specimen Radiography.- Tracking Patients with Negative Biopsies.- 25 Interventional Procedures.- Technical Issues.- Postprocedure Care.- 26 Ionic Versus Nonionic Contrast Material.- 27 Sedation and Analgesia.- Pediatric Patients.- Adult Magnetic Resonance Imaging.- Interventional Procedures.- 28 Medical Devices.- Off-Label Use.- Informed Consent for Off-Label Use.- Reprocessing and Reuse of Single-Use Devices.- 29 The Pregnant Patient.- Effect of Radiation Exposure on the Fetus.- Determining Whether a Woman Is Pregnant.- Examining the Pregnant Patient.- Radionuclide Imaging.- 30 Computed Tomography Screening Studies.- General Criteria for Effective Screening.- Radiation Risk.- CT Screening for Lung Cancer.- CT Screening for Coronary Artery Disease.- CT Screening for Abdominal Pathology.- Use of Contrast Material in Screening CT Studies.- Medical-Legal Implications.- V Electronic Imaging.- 31 Teleradiology.- Establishment of Physician-Patient Relationship.- Medical Licensing and Insurance.- Jurisdiction for Malpractice Suits.- Other Medical-Legal Aspects.- Relationship Between Local and Distant Radiologists.- 32 E-Mail.- Other Potential Problems with E-Mail.- 33 Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS).- Failure to Interpret "Lost" PACS Images.- VI Governmental/Regulatory.- 34 Credentialing and Peer Review.- Due Process.- Peer Review.- 35 Infected or Substance-Abuse-Impaired Radiologist.- Liability of the Infected/Impaired Radiologist.- Liability of Other Parties.- Informed Consent.- 36 Federal Fraud and Abuse Enforcement and Compliance Plans.- Fraud and Abuse.- Compliance Plans.- Documentation.- 37 Professional Courtesy.- 38 Sexual Harassment.- Sexual Harassment Policy.- Allegations of Sexual Harassment.- What to Do If One Is a Victim of Sexual Harassment.- Employer Course of Action.- 39 Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).- Impact on Radiologists.
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