Quantum Noise in Mesoscopic Physics

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April 2003



This book is written to conclude the NATO Advanced Research Workshop "Quantum Noise in Mesoscopic Physics" held in Delft, the Netherlands, on June 2-4, 2002. The workshop was co-directed by M. Reznikov of Israel Institute of Technology, and me. The members of the organizing committee were Yaroslav Blanter (Delft), Chirstopher Glattli (Saclay and ENS Paris) and R. Schoelkopf (Yale). The workshop was very successful, and we hope that the reader will be satisfied with the scientific level of the present book. Before addressing scientific issues I find it suitable to address several non-scientific ones. The workshop was attended by researchers from many countries. Most of them perform their activities in academic institutions, where one usually finds the necessary isolation from the problems and sores of the modem world. However, there was a large group of participants for which such isolation was far from perfect. War, hatred, and violence rage just several miles away of their campuses and laboratories, poisoning everyday life in the land of Israel.


I: Shot Noise. Reversing the Sign of Current-Current Correlations; M. Büttiker. Shot Noise and Channel Composition of Atomic-sized Contacts; J.M. van Ruitenbeek. Quantum Noise and Multiple Andereev Reflections in Superconducting Contacts; A. Martin-Rodero. Shot Noise of Mesoscopic NS Structures: the Role of Andereev Reflection; B. Reulet, et al. Current Noise in Diffusive SNS Junctions in the Incoherent MAR Regime; E.V. Bezugkyi, et al. Shot Noise in Diffusive Superconductor/Normal Metal Heterostructures; C. Strunk, C. Schönenberger. Photo-Assisted Electron-Hole Partition Noise in Quantum Point Contacts; D.C. Glattli, et al. Shot Noise of Cotunneling Current; E. Sukhorukov, et al. II: Quantum Measurement and Entanglement. Qubits as Spectrometers of Quantum Noise; R.L. Schoelkopf, et al. Noisy Quantum Measurement of Solid-State Qubits: Bayesian Approach; A.N. Korotkov. Linear Quantum Measurements; D.V. Averin. Shot Noise for Entangled and Spin-Polarized Electrons; J.C. Egues, et al. The Generation and Detection of Single and Entangled Electrons in Mesoscopic 2DEG Systems; W. Oliver, et al. What Quantity is Measured in an Excess Noise Experiment? U. Gavish, et al. Noise Correlations, Entanglement and Bell Inequalities; T. Martin, et al. Noise in the Single Electron Transistor and its Back Action during Measurement; G. Johansson, et al. Dephasing and Renormalization in Quantum Two-Level Systems; A. Schirman, G. Schön. III: Full Counting Statistics. The Statistical Theory of Mesoscopic Noise; L.S. Levitov. An Elementary Derivation of Levitov's Formula; I. Klich. Full Counting Statistics in Electric Circuits; M. Kindermann, Yu.V. Nazarov.Multiterminal Counting Statistics of Superconductor-Normal-Metal Heterostructures; W. Belzig. High Cumulants of Current Fluctuations out of Equilibrium; D.B. Gutman, et al.
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