Quality of Service - IWQoS 2005

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We welcome you to the proceedings of IWQoS 2005 held at the University of Passau, in the beautiful state of Bavaria, Germany. We hope that all attendees enjoyed their time in that ancient and historic city. Quality of Service(QoS) continues to be an important area of research. T- ditionally very focused on the area of networking, it has grown to include mobile applications, wireless environments, 3G and 4G cellular networks, user expe- ence,overlay networks, large-scale systemsand other important areas ofappli- tion. Six full-paper sessions that comprised selected papers of very high quality were devoted to the above mentioned, cutting-edge topics in this volume. We had a fascinating cross-disciplinary program and hope to have seeded conn- tions between di?erent disciplines and between industry and academia. In addition to the reviewed paper sessions, we were pleased to present two inspiring keynote speakers in this year s program: Randy Katz,Universityof California, Berkeley, USA, and Michael Stal,SiemensAG,Munich,Germany. One speaker being from academia and one from industry, re?ected well the balanced view of this workshop. Both keynotes extended the scope of QoS and addressed pressing issues, such as spam, and leading trends, such as service orientation, and their relevance to QoS.


Invited Program.- COPS: Quality of Service vs. Any Service at All.- Beyond Middleware and QoS - Service-Oriented Architectures - Cult or Culture?.- Would Self-organized or Self-managed Networks Lead to Improved QoS?.- Full Papers.- Overlay Networks with Linear Capacity Constraints.- A High-Throughput Overlay Multicast Infrastructure with Network Coding.- On Topological Design of Service Overlay Networks.- On Transport Layer Adaptation in Heterogeneous Wireless Data Networks.- LT-TCP: End-to-End Framework to Improve TCP Performance over Networks with Lossy Channels.- QoS Guarantees in Multimedia CDMA Wireless Systems with Non-precise Network Parameter Estimates.- Analyzing Object Detection Quality Under Probabilistic Coverage in Sensor Networks.- A Self-tuning Fuzzy Control Approach for End-to-End QoS Guarantees in Web Servers.- Calculation of Speech Quality by Aggregating the Impacts of Individual Frame Losses.- Best-Effort Versus Reservations Revisited.- An Advanced QoS Protocol for Real-Time Content over the Internet.- Designing a Predictable Internet Backbone with Valiant Load-Balancing.- Preserving the Independence of Flows in General Topologies Using Turn-Prohibition.- Supporting Differentiated QoS in MPLS Networks.- Avoiding Transient Loops Through Interface-Specific Forwarding.- Analysis of Stochastic Service Guarantees in Communication Networks: A Server Model.- Preemptive Packet-Mode Scheduling to Improve TCP Performance.- Edge-Based Differentiated Services.- Processor Sharing Flows in the Internet.- A Practical Method for the Efficient Resolution of Congestion in an On-path Reduced-State Signalling Environment.- Case Study in Assessing Subjective QoS of a Mobile Multimedia Web Service in a Real Multi-access Network.- WXCP: Explicit Congestion Control for Wireless Multi-hop Networks.- A Non-homogeneous QBD Approach for the Admission and GoS Control in a Multiservice WCDMA System.- Short Papers.- Quality of Service Authentication, Authorization and Accounting.- Preliminary Results Towards Building a Highly Granular QoS Controller.- Concept of Admission Control in Packet Switching Networks Based on Tentative Accommodation of Incoming Flows.- Improving Uplink QoS of Wifi Hotspots.- Resilient State Management in Large Scale Networks.- Performance Analysis of Wireless Scheduling with ARQ in Fast Fading Channels.- Privacy and Reliability by Dispersive Routing.- Distributed Online LSP Merging Algorithms for MPLS-TE.- Implicit Flow QoS Signaling Using Semantic-Rich Context Tags.- The Impact of QoS - Where Industry Meets Academia.- Using IP as Transport Technology in Third Generation and Beyond Radio Access Networks.- Closing the Gap Between Industry, Academia and Users: Is There a Need for QoS in Wireless Systems ?.- Why QoS Will Be Needed in Metro Ethernets.- Research Issues in QoS Provisioning for Personal Networks.- RSVP Standards Today and the Path Towards a Generic Messenger.- QoS in Hybrid Networks - An Operator's Perspective.- QoS for Aggregated Flows in VPNs.- Supporting Mission-Critical Applications over Multi-service Networks.


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