Quality of Service in the Emerging Networking Panorama

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September 2004



This volume of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series contains the set of papers accepted for presentation at the 5th International Workshop on Quality of future Internet Services (QofIS 2004) and at the two one-day workshops - locatedwithQofIS2004,namelythe1stInternationalWorkshoponQoSRouting (WQoSR 2004) and the 4th International Workshop on Internet Charging and QoS Technology (ICQT 2004). QofIS 2004, the ?fth international event, was organized under the umbrella of the E-NEXT Network of Excellence on Emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies , which started its activities in January 2004. QofIS 2004 took place on September 29 30, 2004 at the Telef onica premises in Barcelona, and was arranged by the Universitat Polit` ecnica de Catalunya (UPC). QofIS 2004 in Barcelona followed the highly successful workshops in Stockholm in 2003, Zuric h in2002,Coimbrain2001,andBerlinin2000.ThepurposeofQofIS2004,asofall QofIS events, was to present and discuss design and implementation techniques for providing quality of service in the Internet. Theimpactofemergingterminals,mobilityandembeddedsystemsiscreating a new environment where networks are ambient. New challenges are opened by this new space where networks of interest ranging from personal networks to large-scale application networks need to be designed and often integrated. Protocol mechanisms for supporting quality of service at the di?erent layers of thenetworksneedtobeassessedandeventuallyredesignedinsuchenvironments. In this context, the focus of the QofIS 2004 workshop was on the provisioning of Quality of Service in the Emerging Networking Panorama, assessed by results of experiments carried out in simulation platforms and test-beds, and given the progressive irruption of optical technologies.


Quality of Future Internet Services.- Performance Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Networks for File Distribution.- MULTI+: Building Topology-Aware Overlay Multicast Trees.- Predicting the Perceptual Service Quality Using a Trace of VoIP Packets.- Evaluating the Utility of Media-Dependent FEC in VoIP Flows.- Architecture of End-to-End QoS for VoIP Call Processing in the MPLS Network.- Analysis of the Distribution of the Backoff Delay in 802.11 DCF: A Step Towards End-to-End Delay Guarantees in WLANs.- Analysis of the IEEE 802.11 DCF with Service Differentiation Support in Non-saturation Conditions.- An Interaction Model and Routing Scheme for QoS Support in Ad Hoc Networks Connected to Fixed Networks.- Load Analysis of Topology-Unaware TDMA MAC Policies for Ad Hoc Networks.- Performance of TCP/IP with MEDF Scheduling.- Ping Trunking: A Vegas-Like Congestion Control Mechanism for Aggregated Traffic.- An Aggregate Flow Marker for Improving TCP Fairness in Multiple Domain DiffServ Networks.- Combined Use of Prioritized AIMD and Flow-Based Traffic Splitting for Robust TCP Load Balancing.- Online Traffic Engineering: A Hybrid IGP+MPLS Routing Approach.- A Fast Heuristic for Genetic Algorithms in Link Weight Optimization.- A New Prediction-Based Routing and Wavelength Assignment Mechanism for Optical Transport Networks.- On the Construction of QoS Enabled Overlay Networks.- MPLS Protection Switching Versus OSPF Rerouting.- A Distributed-Request-Based DiffServ CAC for Seamless Fast-Handoff in Mobile Internet.- Cross-Layer Analytical Modeling of Wireless Channels for Accurate Performance Evaluation.- Efficiency Issues in MPLS Transport for the UMTS Access Network.- QoS Constraints in Bluetooth-Based Wireless Sensor Networks.- Quality of Service Routing.- A Distributed Algorithm to Provide QoS by Avoiding Cycles in Routes.- The Case for Source Address Dependent Routing in Multihoming.- QoS Routing in DWDM Optical Packet Networks.- A Proposal for Inter-domain QoS Routing Based on Distributed Overlay Entities and QBGP.- Policy-Aware Connectionless Routing.- Maximum Flow Routing with Weighted Max-Min Fairness.- Survivable Online Routing for MPLS Traffic Engineering.- Smart Routing with Learning-Based QoS-Aware Meta-strategies.- Internet Charging and QoS Technology.- An Efficient Auction Mechanism for Hierarchically Structured Bandwidth Markets.- Multi-bid Versus Progressive Second Price Auctions in a Stochastic Environment.- Distributed Multi-link Auctions for Network Resource Reservation and Pricing.- A Game-Theoretic Analysis of TCP Vegas.- BarterRoam: A Novel Mobile and Wireless Roaming Settlement Model.- Charging for Web Content Pre-fetching in 3G Networks.- Provider-Level Service Agreements for Inter-domain QoS Delivery.- Operations Support System for End-to-End QoS Reporting and SLA Violation Monitoring in Mobile Services Environment.


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