Public Opinion and the International Use of Force

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A comprehensive look at the debate between public opinion and foreign policy. Addresses the crucial and hotly argued topic of whether - and to what extent - a democratic foreign policy is either desirable or possible.


1. Introduction Philip Everts Part I. Determinants and Correlates of Support for the Use of Force 2. The Impact of Basic Motivation on Foreign Policy Opinions Concerning the Use of Force: a Three Dimensional Framework William O. Chittick and Annette Freyberg-Inan 3. German Public Opinion and the Use of Force in the Early Nineties Zoltan Juhasz 4. Italian Public Opinion and the International Use of Force Pierangelo Isernia 5. Risky Missions: Dutch Policy Opinion on Peacekeeping in the Balkans Jan van der Meulen and Marijke de Konink Part II. Public Opinion and Policy-Making on the Use of Force 6. Ireland: Neutrality and the International Use of Force Karin Gilland 7. Moving Away from War: Israelis' Security Beliefs in the Post-Oslo era Tamar Hermann 8. The French and the Use of Force: Public Perceptions and their Impact on the Policy-Making Process Natalie La Balme 9. The Myth of the Reactive Public: American Public Attitudes on Military Fatalities in the Post-Cold War Period Steven Kull and Clay Ramsay 10. War Without Bloodshed? Public Opinion and the Conflict over Kosovo Philip Everts 11. Conclusions Pierangelo Isernia
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