Psychotherapy, Psychological Treatments and the Addictions

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Throughout, this volume is able to provide both authoritative statements and to engage the reader in the excitement of debate.


Part I. Backgrounds to Therapeutic Understanding: 1. Addictions over the life course: therapeutic implications G. E.Vaillant; 2. Psychotherapy and the life cycle: individual and family C. Dare; 3. Personal strengths and vulnerability in family and social context G. Gorrell Barnes; 4. Therapy in the eye of history: three episodes from the 19th century experience G. Edwards; Part II. Treatments: 5. Psychotherapy: why do some need more and some need less? S. Davidson; 6. Addictive behaviour: the next clinic appointment G. Edwards; 7. Advances in families and couples therapy E. Asen; 8. Solution focused brief therapy: a co-operative approach to work with clients H. Ratner and D.Yandoli; 9. Recent developments in cognitive and behavioural therapies R.Williams; 10. Cognitive and behavioural treatments for substance misuse M. Gossop; 11. Motivational issues in the treatment of addictive behaviour R. Davidson; 12. Can 'stages of change' provide guidance in the treatment of addictions? A critical examination of Prochaska and Di Clemente's model S. Sutton; 13. Group therapy and the addictions W. F alkowski; 14. Alcoholics Anonymous as a mirror held up to nature G. Edwards; 15. How therapeutic communities work K. Norton; Postscript; 16. A small group experience J. Stern.
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