Psychiatric Cultures Compared: Psychiatry and Mental Health Care in the Twentieth Century: Comparisons and Approaches

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The comparative global history of mental health care in the twentieth century remains relatively uncharted territory. "Psychiatric Cultures Compared "offers an overview of various national psychiatric cultures, comparing, for example, advances in Dutch psychiatry with developments abroad. Wide-ranging essays cover analyses of the field of psychiatric nursing, the changing use of psychotropic medicine, the emergence of in- and outpatient mental health sectors, the rise of the anti-psychiatry movement, and a critical look at modern day deinstitutionalization.


Table of Contents - 6 Acknowledgements - 8 Introduction: Comparing National Cultures of Psychiatry - 10 Overviews Psychiatry and Mental Health Care - 34 1 Within and Outside the Walls of the Asylum: Caring for the Dutch Mentally Ill, 1884-2000 - 36 2 Insanity and Other Discomforts: A Century of Outpatient Psychiatry and Mental Health Care in the Netherlands 1900-2000 - 74 3 Madness and Autonomy: The Moral Agenda of Anti-psychiatry in the Netherlands - 104 4 Psychiatry and the State in Britain - 117 5 The Transformation of Mental Health Policy in Twentieth-Century America - 142 6 Continuities or Ruptures? Concepts, Institutions and Contexts of Twentieth-Century German Psychiatry and Mental Health Care - 163 7 Care and Control in a Communist State: The Place of Politics in East German Psychiatry - 184 8 Between the National Socialist 'Euthanasia Programme' and Reform: Asylum Psychiatry in West Germany, 1940-1975 - 201 9 'Misery' and 'Revolution': The Organisation of French Psychiatry, 1900-1980 - 226 10 Outpatient Psychiatry and Mental Health Care in the Twentieth Century: International Perspectives - 249 Psychiatric Patients - 276 11 Out and In: The Family and the Asylum. Patterns of Admission and Discharge in Three Dutch Psychiatric Hospitals 1890-1950 - 278 12 Were Asylums Men's Places? Male Excess in the Asylum Population in Japan in the Early Twentieth Century - 296 13 Madness in the Home: Family Care and Welfare Policies in Italy before Fascism - 313 Psychiatric Nursing - 330 14 Changing Attitudes towards 'Non-Restraint' in Dutch Psychiatric Nursing, 1897-1994 - 332 15 Nurses in Swedish Psychiatric Care - 360 Psychotropic Drugs - 380 16 Mental Ills and the 'Hidden History' of Drug Treatment Practices - 382 Reflections - 404 17 From Exploration to Synthesis: Making New Sense of Psychiatry and Mental Health Care in the Twentieth Century - 406 18 Progress, Patients, Professionals and the Psyche. Comments on Cultures of Psychiatry and Mental Health Care in the Twentieth Century - 425 Index - 443 About the Contributors - 439




Marijke Gijswijt-Hofstra is professor of social and cultural history at the University of Amsterdam. Harry Oosterhuis lectures in history at the Faculty of Arts and Culture of the University of Maastricht. Joost Vijselaar is professor of the history of psychiatry at the University of Utrecht. Hugh Freeman is a former consultant psychiatrist, head of a teaching unit in Manchester, and former editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry.

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