Protocols for High Speed Networks

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April 2002



This workshop on "Protocols for High-Speed Networks" is the seventh in a s- cessful series of international workshops, well known for their small and focused target audience, that provide a sound basis for intensive discussions of hi- qualityand timelyresearch work. The location of the workshop has alternated between Europe and the United States, at venues not onlyworth visiting for the workshop, but also for the distinct impressions theyleave on the participants. The ?rst workshop was held in 1989 in Zurich. Subsequentlythe workshop was moved to Palo Alto (1990), Stockholm (1993), Vancouver (1994), Sophia-Antipolis/Nice (1996), and Salem (1999). In 2002, the workshop was hosted in Berlin, the capital of Germany. PfHSN is a workshop providing an international forum that focuses on issues related to high-speed networking, such as protocols, implementation techniques, router design, network processors and the like. Although the topics have shifted during the last couple of years, for example, from parallel protocol implemen- tions to network processors, it could be observed that high speed remains a very important issue with respect to future networking. Traditionally, PfHSN is a r- ativelyfocused and small workshop with an audience of about 60 participants.


Signalling and Controlling.- A Core-Stateless Utility Based Rate Allocation Framework.- Resource Management in Diffserv (RMD): A Functionality and Performance Behavior Overview.- Performance Evaluation of the Extensions for Control Message Retransmissions in RSVP.- Application-Level Mechanisms.- Handling Multiple Bottlenecks in Web Servers Using Adaptive Inbound Controls.- Dynamic Right-Sizing: An Automated, Lightweight, and Scalable Technique for Enhancing Grid Performance.- The "Last-Copy" Approach for Distributed Cache Pruning in a Cluster of HTTP Proxies.- TCP and High Speed Networks.- Modeling Short-Lived TCP Connections with Open Multiclass Queuing Networks.- TCP over High Speed Variable Capacity Links: A Simulation Study for Bandwidth Allocation.- TCP Westwood and Easy RED to Improve Fairness in High-Speed Networks.- Quality of Service.- A Simplified Guaranteed Service for the Internet.- Improvements to Core Stateless Fair Queueing.- A Fast Packet Classification by Using Enhanced Tuple Pruning.- Traffic Engineering and Mobility.- Traffic Engineering with AIMD in MPLS Networks.- Performance Analysis of IP Micro-mobility Handoff Protocols.- Working Sessions.- High-Speed Mobile and Wireless Networks.- Peer Networks - High-Speed Solution or Challenge?.- Invited Paper.- High Speed Networks for Carriers.- Protocols for High-Speed Networks: A Brief Retrospective Survey of High-Speed Networking Research.


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