Protocols and Systems for Interactive Distributed Multimedia

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November 2002



Interactive Distributed Multimedia Systems (IDMS) and Protocols for Mul- media Systems (PROMS) have been two successful series of international events bringing together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry in all areas of multimedia systems. In 2002, for the ?rst time, these two workshops were held jointly, in what we hope was the ?rst of a new series of challenging and topical international workshops. IDMS/PROMS 2002 contributed to scienti?c, strategic, and practical - vances in the area of distributed multimedia applications, protocols, and - telligent management tools, with emphasis on their provision over broadband networks. Along with tutorials, regular papers and technical demonstrations, IDMS/PROMS 2002 resulted in high-quality original work. The areas of interest of IDMS/PROMS cover mobile multimedia systems, multimediamiddleware,multimediacommunicationprotocols,quality-of-service issues, resource management, next-generation Internet, active and program- ble networking for multimedia applications, multimedia-speci?c mobile agents, multimedia distribution and transport, multimedia tra?c engineering, multi- dia encoding and compression, ubiquitous computing, multimedia applications, development tools for distributed multimedia applications, performance of p- tocolsandapplications,multimediacontentmanagement,serviceaccess,acco- ting and tari? policing for multimedia teleservices, and standards (e.g., MPEG) and related issues. The IDMS/PROMS 2002 call for papers attracted 112 submissions from Asian, Australian, European, North American, and South American countries. These were subject to thorough review work by the Program Committee m- bers and additional reviewers who carried out their work using a specially built conferencesystem,WebChairing,developedinCoimbrabyFlordeUtopia,which allowed full control of the submission and reviewing processes.


Performance of Protocols and Applications.- Optimal Traffic Shaping with Deterministic Guarantees Using GPS Scheduling.- Evaluation of Video Server Capacity with Regard to Quality of the Service in Interactive News-On-Demand Systems.- When FEC Speed up Data Access in P2P Networks.- Scalable Independent Multi-level Distribution in Multimedia Content Analysis.- Mobile Multimedia Systems I.- A Simulation Tool for Dimensioning and Performance Evaluation of the UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network.- Vertical Handover Based Adaptation for Multimedia Applications in Pervasive Systems.- Avoiding DAD for Improving Real-Time Communication in MIPv6 Environments.- Design of OSGi Compatible Middleware Components for Mobile Multimedia Applications.- Standards and Related Issues.- A Fast QoS Adaptation Algorithm for MPEG-4 Multimedia Applications.- A Genetic Algorithm-Based Segmentation for Automatic VOP Generation.- Adaptive Motion Search Based on Block Difference and Motion Magnitude.- Quality of Service Issues I.- Does IPv6 Improve the Scalability of the Internet?.- Deploying New QoS Aware Transport Services.- A Rate Controller for Long-Lived TCP Flows.- Video Systems and Applications.- Low-Complexity Scalable Video Coding through Table Lookup VQ and Index Coding.- Accuracy vs. Speed Trade-Off in Detecting of Shots in Video Content for Abstracting Digital Video Libraries.- Distributed Video Documents Indexing and Content-Based Retrieving.- Voting Based Bandwidth Management in Multiparty Video Conferences.- Quality of Service Issues II.- Considering Non-real-time Traffic in Real-Time Packet Scheduling.- A Flexible Real-Time Hierarchical Multimedia Archive.- Tradeoffs between Signaling and Resource Utilization in DiffServ Networks with Hierarchical Aggregation.- Robust Delay Estimation for Internet Multimedia Applications.- Mobile Multimedia Systems II.- Supporting Mobile Multicast in Mobile Networks by Considering Host Mobility.- Fast Asynchronous Streaming Handoff.- Power Constraints: Another Dimension of Complexity in Continuous Media Playback.- Resource Management.- Replica Striping for Multi-resolution Video Servers.- On Availability QoS for Replicated Multimedia Service and Content.- An Open Middleware Architecture for Network-Integrated Multimedia.- Multimedia Support.- Security Attributes Based Digital Rights Management.- An Active Network Approach to Support Multimedia Relays.- Tutorials and Invited Program.- Internet Multimedia - Streaming Media (Tutorial).- Internet Middleware (Tutorial).- IP Network Monitoring and Measurements: Techniques and Experiences (Tutorial).- Media Representation Standards for the New Millennium (Tutorial).


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