Protein Structure, Stability, and Folding

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April 2001



In Protein Structure, Stability, and Folding, Kenneth P. Murphy and a panel of internationally recognized investigators describe some of the newest experimental and theoretical methods for investigating these critical events and processes. Among the techniques discussed are the many methods for calculating many of protein stability and dynamics from knowledge of the structure, and for performing molecular dynamics simulations of protein unfolding. New experimental approaches presented include the use of co-solvents, novel applications of hydrogen exchange techniques, temperature-jump methods for looking at folding events, and new strategies for mutagenesis experiments. Unique in its powerful combination of theory and practice, Protein Structure, Stability, and Folding offers protein and biophysical chemists the means to gain a more comprehensive understanding of some of this complex area by detailing many of the major techniques in use today.


Stabilization of Protein Structure
Kenneth P. Murphy

Protein Stabilization by Naturally Occurring Osmolytes
D. Wayne Bolen

The Thermodynamic Linkage Between Protein Structure, Stability, and Function
Ernesto Freire

Measuring the Conformational Stability of a Protein by Hydrogen Exchange
Beatrice M.P. Huyghues-Despointes, C. Nick Pace, S. Walter Englander, and J. Martin Scholtz

Modeling the Native State Ensemble
Vincent J. Hilser

Conformational Entropy in Protein Folding: A Guide to Estimating Conformational Entropy via Modeling and Computation
Trevor P. Creamer

Turn Scanning: Experimental and Theoretical Approaches to the Role of Turns
Carl Frieden, Enoch S. Huang, and Jay W. Ponder

Laser Temperature-Jump Methods for Studying Folding Dynamics
James Hofrichter

Kinetics of Conformational Fluctuations by EX1 Hydrogen Exchange in Native Proteins
T. Sivaraman and Andrew D. Robertson

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Protein Unfolding/Folding
Valerie Daggett


"Both theoretical and experimental approaches for studying protein structure, stability, and folding are described in the book. The fundamental concepts are clearly presented....The topics on modeling and simulation would be useful for protein designers....The book starts with a concise overview on the fundamental thermodynamic concepts and governing forces for protein folding." - PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH
"focuses on the structure-stability relationship and in the well-balanced mixture of experimental and theoretical chapters, all of which are written by experts in the fields." - Chembiochem
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