Progress in Medicinal Chemistry

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The perceived lack of drug discovery productivity in recent times has led to much debate in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry as escalating R&D costs are not being matched by increased output. Few observers doubt that selecting the right targets, ie those which are critical to disease pathology and are 'druggable', is the best starting point for improved productivity.The seven chapters of this volume describe recent progress towards drugs acting at a range of 'druggable' targets. One chapter addresses kinases, one covers an ion channel, two proteases are featured and three of the chapters cover G-protein coupled receptors, which has historically perhaps been the most fruitful area for medicinal chemists. *Presents the latest research in the field of drug discovery *Publishes on an annual basis to bring you the most innovative updates in medicinal chemistry *Available as an online resource via ScienceDirect


1. Finding Protein Kinase Hits Using Structural Information 2. Blunting the Swiss Army Knife 3. Peptide Deformylase Inhibitors 4. Clinically Useful Vanilloid Receptor TRPV1 Antagonists 5. Recent Medicinal Chemistry of the Histamine H3 Receptor 6. Recent Progress in Cannabinoid research 7. Oxytocin Antagonists as Potential Therapeutic Agents


Dr Geoff Lawton has extensive experience in new medicine discovery across many therapeutic areas in both large and small companies and is a co-inventor of a marketed drug (Cilazapril). He is a former Director of Chemistry at Roche UK, and Vice-president Chemistry and Preclinical Sciences within Roche Bioscience, Palo Alto, USA. He was for five years the research member of a global therapy area strategy planning team for inflammatory diseases, aligning research with the clinical development and marketing parts of the business. From 2003 to 2007 he was founding Research Director with Lectus Therapeutics building from start-up a drug discovery organisation; generating the team, facilities and project portfolio targeting the next generation of ion channel modulating medicines. Since 2001 Geoff has provided scientific and strategic evaluation and advice on drug discovery as an independent consultant for a number small and medium sized biotech companies, CROs, VCs, academic groups and medical research charities. Geoff serves on the Board of Antabio, a French biotech company developing tomorrow's antibacterial drugs. He is a founder of INMedD, a new medicines discovery social enterprise.


Praise for the Series: "...may the Progress in Medicinal Chemistry series continue its invaluable service..." --Chemistry and Industry "... a valuable source of reference" --British Medical Journal "...These volumes should be on the shelves of all specialist libraries which claim to cater for chemists, biologists, doctors and pharmacists and should be available to everyone interested in the contemporary controversy about drugs, drug firms and the community." --Pharmaceutical Journal "...the consistently high standards for this series have been maintained in the present volume. This volume should certainly take its place next to the previous volumes in this series in libraries devoted to medicinal chemistry and drug research..." --Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
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