Progress in Cryptology - Mycrypt 2005

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September 2005



Mycrypt 2005 was the inaugural international conference on cryptology hosted in Malaysia. The conference was co-organized by the Information Security - search Lab at Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus), NISER (National ICT Security and Emergency Response Centre) and INSPEM (Ins- tute for MathematicalResearch)at UPM (UniversityPutra Malaysia).Mycrypt 2005 was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during September 28 30 2005, in conjunction with the e-Secure Malaysia 2005 convention. Therewere90paper submissionsfrom23 countriescoveringall areasof cr- tologic research, from which 19 were accepted. We would like to extend our thanks to all authors who submitted papers to Mycrypt 2005. Each paper was sentanonymouslytoatleast3membersoftheInternationalProgramCommittee for reviews and comments. The review comments were then followed by disc- sions among the Program Committee. A recipient of the Best Paper Award was also selected after voting among Program Committee members. The winning paper was Distinguishing Attacks on T-functions by Simon Kunzli (FH A- gau, Swizerland), Pascal Junod (Nagravision SA, Switzerland) and Willi Meier (FH Aargau, Swizerland). These proceedings contain revised versions of all the accepted papers. The conference program included three keynote papers: Hideki Imai (Tokyo University)presenteda paper entitled TrendsandChallenges forSecurer Cr- tography in Practice . Moti Yung (Columbia University) presented a paper entitled E?cient Secure Group Signatures with Dynamic Joins and Keeping Anonymity Against Group Managers . Colin Boyd (QUT) presented a paper entitled Security of Two-Party Identity-Based Key Agreement . We are extremely grateful for the time and e?ort of all the members of the Program Committee in the review process. Their names may be found overleaf.


Invited Talk I.- Trends and Challenges for Securer Cryptography in Practice.- Stream Ciphers Analysis.- Distinguishing Attacks on T-Functions.- Introducing a New Variant of Fast Algebraic Attacks and Minimizing Their Successive Data Complexity.- Cryptography Based on Combinatorics.- Equivalent Keys in HFE, C*, and Variations.- A New Structural Attack for GPT and Variants.- A Family of Fast Syndrome Based Cryptographic Hash Functions.- Cryptographic Protocols.- Optimization of Electronic First-Bid Sealed-Bid Auction Based on Homomorphic Secret Sharing.- Identity Based Delegation Network.- On Session Key Construction in Provably-Secure Key Establishment Protocols.- On the Security of Probabilistic Multisignature Schemes and Their Optimality.- Invited Talk II.- Efficient Secure Group Signatures with Dynamic Joins and Keeping Anonymity Against Group Managers.- Implementation Issues.- An Analysis of Double Base Number Systems and a Sublinear Scalar Multiplication Algorithm.- Power Analysis by Exploiting Chosen Message and Internal Collisions - Vulnerability of Checking Mechanism for RSA-Decryption.- Optimization of the MOVA Undeniable Signature Scheme.- Unconventional Cryptography.- Questionable Encryption and Its Applications.- Twin RSA.- Invited Talk III.- Security of Two-Party Identity-Based Key Agreement.- Block Cipher Cryptanalysis.- Related-Key Differential Attacks on Cobra-S128, Cobra-F64a, and Cobra-F64b.- Advanced Slide Attacks Revisited: Realigning Slide on DES.- New Multiset Attacks on Rijndael with Large Blocks.- Homomorphic Encryption.- Paillier's Cryptosystem Modulo p 2 q and Its Applications to Trapdoor Commitment Schemes.- Homomorphic Cryptosystems Based on Subgroup Membership Problems.


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