Progress in Cryptology - INDOCRYPT 2005

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November 2005



Indocrypt began in the year 2000 under the leadership of Bimal Roy and - docrypt 2005 was the sixth conference in this series. This series has been well accepted by the international research community as a forum for presenting high-quality cryptography research. This year a total of 148 papers were s- mitted for consideration to the Program Committee and after a careful review process, 31 were accepted for presentation. We would like to thank the authors of all submitted papers, including those that were accepted and those which, unfortunately, could not be accommodated. ThereviewingprocessforIndocryptwasverystringentandtheschedulewas- tremelytight.TheProgramCommitteemembersdidanexcellentjobinreviewing andselectingthepapersforpresentation.Duringthereviewprocess,theProgram Committee members were communicating using a review software developed by BartPreneel,WimMoreauandJorisClaessens.Weacknowledgethemforprov- ingthesoftware.ThesoftwarewashostedatI2R,Singaporeandwearegratefulto Feng BaoandJianyingZhouforallowingthat.Thisyear sconferencewasdeeply indebtedto QiuYingofI2R,Singapore,who tookthe responsibilityofmainta- ing the review softwareand the server.Without his great cooperationIndocrypt 2005could nothavebeen possible.Inthis regardI wouldliketo acknowledgethe supportofTanmoyKantiDas,DibyenduChakrabarti,MridulNandi,Deepak- mar Dalai, Sumanta Sarkar and Sourav Mukhopadhyay for handling important administrativeissuesinthesubmissionandreviewprocessesaswellasforputting togethertheseproceedingsintheir?nalform.WearealsogratefultoPalashSarkar forhiscooperationandguidanceinIndocrypt2005. The proceedings include the revised versions of the 31 selected papers. Re- sions were not checked by the ProgramCommittee and the authors bear the full responsibility for the contents of the respective papers. Our thanks go to all the Program members and the external reviewers (a list of them is included in the proceedings) who put in their valuable time and e?ort in providing important feedbackto the authors.We thank V. KumarMurty ofthe UniversityofToronto for kindly agreeing to present the invited talk. The talk has been included in the proceedings.


Invited Talk.- Abelian Varieties and Cryptography.- Sequences.- Proof of a Conjecture on the Joint Linear Complexity Profile of Multisequences.- Period of Streamcipher Edon80.- Boolean Function and S-Box.- On the Algebraic Immunity of Symmetric Boolean Functions.- On Highly Nonlinear S-Boxes and Their Inability to Thwart DPA Attacks.- Hash Functions.- How to Construct Universal One-Way Hash Functions of Order r.- Towards Optimal Double-Length Hash Functions.- Design Principles.- Near Optimal Algorithms for Solving Differential Equations of Addition with Batch Queries.- Design Principles for Combiners with Memory.- Cryptanalysis I.- Cryptanalysis of the Quadratic Generator.- Attack the Dragon.- Two Algebraic Attacks Against the F-FCSRs Using the IV Mode.- Cryptanalysis of Keystream Generator by Decimated Sample Based Algebraic and Fast Correlation Attacks.- Time Memory Trade-Off.- TMD-Tradeoff and State Entropy Loss Considerations of Streamcipher MICKEY.- Time-Memory Trade-Offs: False Alarm Detection Using Checkpoints.- Cryptanalysis II.- Cryptanalysis of Barni et al. Watermarking Scheme.- Completion Attacks and Weak Keys of Oleshchuk's Public Key Cryptosystem.- New Constructions.- An Optimal Subset Cover for Broadcast Encryption.- MaTRU: A New NTRU-Based Cryptosystem.- Anonymous Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange.- Pairings.- Faster Pairings Using an Elliptic Curve with an Efficient Endomorphism.- Reconsideration on the Security of the Boneh-Franklin Identity-Based Encryption Scheme.- Signatures.- Short Undeniable Signatures Without Random Oracles: The Missing Link.- Short Threshold Signature Schemes Without Random Oracles.- Applications.- Attacking an Asynchronous Multi-party Contract Signing Protocol.- Fairness and Correctness in Case of a Premature Abort.- E-Cash.- Short E-Cash.- A Universally Composable Scheme for Electronic Cash.- Implementations.- Energy-Privacy Trade-Offs in VLSI Computations.- Modified Serial Multipliers for Type-IV Gaussian Normal Bases.- Scalar Multiplication on Elliptic Curves Defined over Fields of Small Odd Characteristic.- SCA Resistant Parallel Explicit Formula for Addition and Doubling of Divisors in the Jacobian of Hyperelliptic Curves of Genus 2.


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