Progress in Automation, Robotics and Measuring Techniques

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April 2015



This book presents recent progresses in control, automation, robotics and measuring techniques. It includes contributions of top experts in the fields, focused on both theory and industrial practice. The particular chapters present a deep analysis of a specific technical problem which is in general followed by a numerical analysis and simulation and results of an implementation for the solution of a real world problem. The presented theoretical results, practical solutions and guidelines will be useful for both researchers working in the area of engineering sciences and for practitioners solving industrial problems.


Synchronization of the Chaotic Pandey-Baghel-Singh Systems of Fractional Order.- Multiple Project Portfolio Scheduling Subject to Mass Customized Service.- Recurrent Polynomial and Neural Structures in Modelling of a Neutralisation Process.- Memory-Based Prediction of District Heating Temperature Using GPGPU.- The Architecture of an Embedded Smart Camera for Intelligent Inspection and Surveillance.- Nature-Inspired, Parallel Object Recognition.-Digraphs Minimal Realisations of State Matrices for Fractional Positive Systems.- Optimisation of Digraphs-Based Realisations for Polynomials of One and Two Variables.- Analysis Thrust for Different Kind of Propellers.- SysML Modeling of Functional and Non-functional Requirements for IEC 61131-3 Control Software.-
Fractional Standard and Positive Descriptor Time-varying Discrete-time Linear Systems.- Decomposition and Parallelization of Linear Programming Algorithms.- 45 Years of Mechatronics - History and Future.- Analysis and Modelling of Magnetic Circuits in Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy Actuators.- Share Mode Magnetorheological Dampers for Vibration Attenuation in Domestic Washing Machines.-
Immune Algorithm for Optimization of Membership Function in Fuzzy Models.- Characteristics of the Improved Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy Actuator Test Stand.- Control of an Oriented PV Systems with the Use of a Discrete, Robust, Fractional Order PID Controller.-
Production System Designing with the Use of Digital Factory and Augmented Reality Technologies.- Monitoring and Prediction of Time Series Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps with Multi-step Gradient Methods.- Multichannel High Voltage Amplifier for Piezo Actuators.-
Modeling of Electrohydraulic Drive with a Valve Controlled by Synchronous Motor.- Object-Oriented Approach to I/O Handling in Control Programs.- Solution of the State Equation of Descriptor Fractional Continuous-Time Linear Systems with Two Different Fractional.- A Hybrid Approach to Sustainable Supply Chain Optimization.- New Approach to Automation and Robotics Vocational Education in Support of Europe Reindustrialization.- Ship Maneuvering Model for Autopilot Simulator.- Research and Closed Loop Control of Piezoelectric Tube Actuator.- Hysteresis Modelling of a Piezoelectric Tube Actuators.- Application of Jiles-Atherton Model for Modelling Magnetization Characteristics of Textured Electrical Steel Magnetized in Easy or Hard Axis.- Tuning Rules of Conventional and Advanced Ship Autopilot Controllers.- A Novel Approach to Optimization of Jobs in Groups.- Multiple File Server with the Implemented Mechanism ACL.- Predictive Control of a Multivariable Neutralisation Process Using Elman Neural Networks.-
Evaluation of Automatic Identification Systems According to ISO 50001 : 2011.


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