Professional Learning: Gaps and Transitions on the Way from Novice to Expert

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April 2004



About the Book Series The idea for the Book Series "Innovation and Change in Professional Education" (ICPE) was born in 1996. While working on another publication in this area, we noticed that professional educators faced similar problems without even knowing from each other. It was this observation that resulted in examining the possibilities for a new publication platform about professional education with input from different professions. We wanted to develop a publication source that would bring together educators and researchers to exchange ideas and knowledge about theory, research and professional practice. But we were not only striving for a book series informing readers about important themes in the professions. A second goal was to focus on processes of change and innovation. We were heavily involved in innovations going on in our institutions, and were convinced that a better understanding was needed in a wide range of issues critically important to the future of professional education. It was our belief that scholarly publications about innovation processes may support fundamental change in professional education. ICPE reflects our view that professional education deserves such a publication platform. It aims to approach critical questions of educational innovations, and to examine dynamics of educational change in various professional domains in the context of innovation processes. The books will include contributions from frontline practitioners, leading researchers, or distinguished scholars in professional education, delivering reports of empirical or theoretical research, reviews, interpretations of evaluation studies, or descriptions of innovative approaches.


Contributing Authors
Part 1: Introduction
Introduction: On The Long Way From Novice To Expert And How Travelling Changes The Traveller; Henny P.A. Boshuizen, Rainer Bromme and Hans Gruber
Part 2: Initial Education: Acquiring Knowledge To Become an Expert
The Role Of Experience In Professional Training And Development Of Psychological Counsellors; Josef Strasser and Hans Gruber
The Case Of Plant Identification In Biology: When Is A Rose A Rose? Rainer Bromme, Elmar Stahl, Tobias Bartholomé and Stephanie Pieschl
Overcoming Problems Of Knowledge Application And Transfer; Robin Stark, Hans Gruber, Ludwig Hinkofer and Heinz Mandl
Part 3: Gaps And Transitions: Accumulating Experience To Become A Professional
Does Practice Make Perfect? Henny P.A. Boshuizen
Fostering Managerial Problem-Solving; Jos A.R. Arts, Wim H. Gijselaers and Mien S.R. Segers
From Theory To Practice In Medical Education; Katinka J.A.H. Prince and Henny P.A. Boshuizen
Embedding And Immersion As Key Strategies In Learning To Teach; Harm H. Tillema
Part 4: Workplace and Organisation: Enculturation To Become An Expert Professional
Teaching Expertise; Eero Ropo
Professional Learning: Deliberate Attempts At Developing Expertise; Margaretha W.J. Van de Wiel, Kim H.P. Szegedi and Mathieu C.D.P. Weggeman
Learning Professionals : Towards An Integrated Model; P. Robert-Jan Simons and Manon C.P. Ruijters
From Individual Cognition To Communities Of Practice; Anneli Eteläpelto and Kaija Collin
Competence-Supporting Working Conditions; Christian Harteis and Hans Gruber
Network Ties, Cognitive Centrality, And Team Interaction Within A Telecommunication Company; Tuire Palonen, Kaj Hakkarainen, Jaana Talvitie and Erno Lehtinen


From the reviews:
"... it provides an excellent overview of a substantial portion of recent research in this area. Researchers in this field will find it invaluable, not only for the wide range of original research reported but also for the wealth of new ideas discussed."
(Michael Eraut, Professor of Education, University of Sussex, UK)
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