Professional Housing Management Practices in Hong Kong

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Februar 2007



Professional housing management is of growing importance in Hong Kong and the "Hong Kong management model" is adopted in many neighbouring high-density cities. However, there has been by far no literature on the subject of housing management practices in Hong Kong. This book is therefore crucial in understanding how housing management makes significant contributions to the safety, viability, liveability and vibrancy of our high-density and high-rise environment. Since the late 1980s, housing education in this city has developed by leaps and bounds. A recent study found that over 3,000 junior practitioners would be seeking professional training or further study for career advancement. This book is an indispensable aid to self-study or taught courses.


Introduction - Rebecca L.H. CHIU; Part I Contexts of Housing Management; 1. Concepts, Principles and Evolution; 2. Regulatory Framework; Part II Practices of Housing Management; 3. Management of Residential and Recreational Facilities; 4. Management of Shopping Centres; 5. Management of Maintenance; 6. Financial Management; 7. Human Resources Management; 8. Property Risk Management; 9. Community Development and Resident Participation in Housing Management; 10. Professional Ethics and Attitude; Part III Recent Trends in Housing Management; 11. Public-Private Partnership in Housing Management; 12. Quality Management in Property Management; 13. Environmental Management in Housing Management; 14. Information Technology in Property Management; 15. Facilities Management.


Rebecca L. H. Chiu is Associate Professor at the Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management, The University of Hong Kong. She is a leading figure in housing education and research in the Asia Pacific region. She has published extensively on housing issues, and serves on government boards and committees related to housing, land, planning, and the environment.


"The text is comprehensive and set in a very practical context, which reflects the authors' apparent years of experience in housing management in Hong Kong... I am not aware of a similar book covering this area in so much detail." Roger Keller, Head of Education, Chartered Institute of Housing
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