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These volumes represent a comprehensive guide to prodrugs. They guide the reader through the current status of the prodrug concept and its many applications and highlight its many successes in overcoming formulation and delivery of problematic drugs. Replete with examples of approved and marketed prodrugs, these volumes introduce the topic to the novice as well as professional in the design of prodrugs.


A Case for Prodrugs.- Problems Addressable by Prodrugs.- Prodrug Approaches to Enhancing the Oral Delivery of Poorly Permeable Drugs.- Topical Delivery Using Prodrugs.- Prodrug Approaches to Ophthalmic Drug Delivery.- Oral Delivery.- Prodrugs and Parenteral Drug Delivery.- Poly (ethylene glycol) Prodrugs: Altered Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics.- Prodrugs to Reduce Presystemic Metabolism.- Small Molecules.- Controlled Release - Macromolecular Prodrugs.- Proenzymes.- Targeting: Theoretical and Computational Models.- Cancer-Small Molecules.- Monoclonal Antibody Drug Conjugates for Cancer Therapy.- Antibody-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy (ADEPT).- Prodrugs for Liver-Targeted Drug Delivery.- Prodrug Approaches for Drug Delivery to the Brain.- Lymphatic Absorption of Orally Administered Prodrugs.- Colonic Delivery Functional Group Approach to Prodrugs.- Prodrugs of Carboxylic Acids.- Prodrugs of Alcohols and Phenols.- Prodrugs of Amines.- Prodrugs of Amides, Imides and Other NH-Acidic Compounds.- Prodrugs of Benzamidines.- Prodrugs of Phosphonates, Phosphinates, and Phosphates.- Functional Group Approaches to Prodrugs: Functional Groups in Peptides.- Macromolecular Prodrugs of Small Molecules.- Miscellaneous Functional Groups.- Prodrugs: Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion (ADME) Issues.- Formulation Challenges of Prodrugs.- Safety Assessment of Prodrugs.- Toxicological Issues with Pivalate Prodrugs.- Adefovir Dipivoxil: An Oral Prodrug of Adefovir.- Amifostine: (Ethyol®).- Capecitabine: A Prodrug of 5-Flurouracil.- Cefditoren Pivoxil: An Oral Prodrug of Cefditoren.- Cefuroxime Axetil: An Oral Prodrug of Cefuroxime.- Clindamycin 2-Phosphate: A Prodrug of Clindamycin.- Enalapril: A Prodrug of Enalaprilat.- Famciclovir: A Prodrug of Penciclovir.- Fosamprenavir: A Prodrug of Amprenavir.- Fosinopril.- Fosphenytoin: A Prodrug of Phenytoin.- Irinotecan (CPT-11), A Water-soluble Prodrug of SN-38.-Latanoprost: Isopropylester of a Prostaglandin F2a Analog.- Moexipril Hydrochloride: A Prodrug of Moexiprilat.- Mycophenolate Mofetil.- Olmesartan Medoxomil: A Prodrug of Olmesartan.- Omeprazole (PrilosecÒ ).- Oseltamivir: An Orally Bioavailable Ester Prodrug of Oseltamivir Carboxylate.- Parecoxib: A Prodrug of Valdecoxib.- Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate: An Oral Prodrug of Tenofovir.- Travoprost: A Potent PGF2a Analog.- Valacyclovir: A Prodrug of Acyclovir.- Valganciclovir: A Prodrug of Ganciclovir.- Vantin: A Prodrug of Cefpodoxime.- Ximelagatran: A Double Prodrug of Melagatran


From the reviews:
"The editors provide a comprehensive overview on early and current prodrug strategies. ... medicinal chemists will highly appreciate this book. ... the book should be available in the libraries of every pharmaceutical and small-molecule biotech company." (Hugo Kubinyi, ChemMedChem, Issue 3, 2008)
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